Make Your Maui Days Memorable, Experience Whale Watching In A Private Charter

Make Your Maui Days Memorable, Experience Whale Watching In A Private Charter

If you want to make your Maui vacation something unforgettable, you can make it adventurous by snorkeling around the breathing island of Lanai. The island includes some splendid views of rugged landscapes and towering cliffs set against the blue Maui. The place offers lovely sights of spotted and bottlenose dolphins, and Hawaiian Spinner, etc.

The reefs include colorful corals, fishes, and Hawaiian green sea turtles. By hiring private charter whale watching in Maui, you can check for tropical fish and watch the pods of dolphins. The Lanai shipwreck is so fascinating, and it offers you the chance to explore the island.

Experience Snorkel At Honolua Bay

The private charter whale watching in Maui is a beautiful opportunity for boating adventure where the captain with their crew member customizes the tour to the group. The guests rave with sightseeing, snorkeling, and dolphin viewing. Usually, ocean rafting permits 12 guests at a time. The trip has all the instructions and gear and delicious foods depending on the number of hours you spend on the adventure.

Information About The Private Charter

The tourists can privately charter their boat trips from both Lanai and Maui. The charter trips cater to your choices of sightseeing, diving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The sight of cute dolphins is no doubt a cherry on the top.

Scuba Diving

The scuba diving tour offers not only a search for dolphins but some of the most pristine reefs there. Around 400 varieties of dolphins are accommodated in Lanai. However, pregnant ladies are not permitted for such adventurous sports.

Experience The Sight Of Humpback Whale At Maui Whale Watch Tours

Maui is famous as the destination of Pacific Northwest humpback whales. Each season, they migrate around 3100 miles of ocean. However, the Maui humpback whale season starts in November and ends in May. The mammals travel between 3 mph to 0 mph without stopping. They take a month to cover around 1000 miles route.

The Attractions Of Whale Watching

The private charter whale watching in Maui presents a beautiful show that consists of spy hopping, lobtailing, head-slapping, and pectoral slaps. Whale breach is the most spectacular whale activity of the winter season. The humpback launches ¾ of the way out of the water and then comes back with an enormous crash. It is said that they perform this for knocking off surface skin parasites. While some say they breach for fun, others claim it is nothing more than just a social behavior. If people go for a Maui tour, they must not miss the chance to see a breaching whale. You can also witness some other exciting surface activity.

Humpback Whales reside in the Southern Hemisphere, North Pacific, and North Atlantic. They are one of the endangered species, and laws are there to protect them from extinction. Maui County is the place where they procreate or mate. They are sporadic with surface activity. So, make this winter an unforgettable one in Maui.