Is Sea Ray boats going out of business?

Is Sea Ray boats going out of business?

Brunswick Corp. today announced it has ended the sale process for its Sea Ray business, including the Meridian brand. Brunswick also announced it will discontinue Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht models, resulting in the wind down of yacht production in the third quarter of 2018.

How much does a Sea Ray SLX 400 OB cost?

Price. The base price for the SLX 400 OB is $718,078.

Is Sea Ray a good boat?

Most owners seem to be happy with Sea Ray boats, and they generally hold up well compared to other similar brands in terms of durability. Overall, Sea Ray can be considered to be a good, reliable brand.

What happened to Sea Ray boats?

June 26, 2018, Brunswick released that for the benefit of the overall company and Sea Ray, they will not sell the Sea Ray brand and focus their efforts on building the best sport boats and cruisers up to 40 feet. In doing so, Sea Ray will discontinue production of sport yacht and yacht models.

How much is the 2021 Sea Ray 400 SLX?


Base price $718,078 (USD)
Draft up 0.81 m (2′8″)
Draft down 1.14 m (3′9″)
Dry weight 8,408 kg (18,536 lbs)

Which is better chaparral or Sea Ray?

When you compare Sea Ray and Chaparral based on quality, selection, and price – it is clear Chaparral is the better choice. Not only do they have higher quality boats with more selection and innovative designs, but they are at a lower price point.

How fast is a Sea Ray 240 Sundeck?

49.1 mph

Top speed 49.1 mph
Cruising speed 32 mph

How long is a Sea Ray 240?

7.5 m
Welcome to the sweet spot where nice lines meet good times: The 240 Sundeck blends impeccable craftsmanship, innovative design and superior performance for unrivaled boating days….Compare.

Base price $76,351 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 7.5 m (24′6″)
Beam 2.6 m (8′6″)

Why did Sea Ray go out of business?

It pulled out of the sales process because offers received “did not reflect appropriate value for the premium brand, and did not meet expectations,” the company said. A reinvented Sea Ray will complement the existing portfolio with a continued emphasis toward outboard propulsion, said Schwabero.

Is the Sea Ray 400 sedan bridge a good boat?

During its production run, Sea Ray produced a large numberof 400 Sedan Bridges so finding a boat for you should not pose a problem. You will have to decide, however, on the layout you desire and whether the increased cost of a model with Cat or Cummins diesel power is worth the upcharge.

Is the Sea Ray SLX 400 OB a big bowrider with overnight accommodations?

The Sea Ray SLX 400 OB is a big bowrider with overnight accommodations. The Sea Ray SLX 400 OB is the company’s premium-level entertainment platform.

What is Sea Ray sentin3l*?

Sea Ray SENTIN3L* applies to all Sea Ray Sundancer, SLX 400, and SLX 400 Outboard models and features three-year, bow-to-stern factory warranty on the boat and its components** from defects in materials and workmanship.

What is sea ray quality?

Sea Ray quality means every outing is more than a simple jaunt; it’s an experience to be relished. And Sea Ray care means our award-winning dealer network and industry-leading warranty programs have your back. The moments spent daydreaming about getting out on the water have never been closer to reality.