Is BBR Motorsports still in business?

Is BBR Motorsports still in business?

Below you will find information about products BBR Motorsports, Inc no longer manufactures. The past 20 years of building playbike performance products has taught us that we need to sell a quantity of about 100, a year, of any particular item for it to break even.

What does BBR Racing stand for?

Brown Brothers Racing
The brothers change the name of the shop to “BBR” (Brown Brothers Racing).

What is BBR suspension?

BBR’s suspension package combines sharper turn-in, superior body control during committed driving and a compliant ride to ensure occupant comfort.

Who started BBR?

BBR Music Group (formerly Broken Bow Records) is an American record label based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in July 1999 by Benny Brown, the label specializes in country music. The label’s executive vice president is Jon Loba.

Who is the owner of BBR Motorsports?

That’s the credo of Brent, Chris and Duane Brown, three brothers from Kent who have grown their shared passion into BBR Motorsports, an Auburn builder of racing motorcycles called pit bikes, and related speed parts, that many consider the best in the world.

What is the best part of the Honda TTR125?

The best part of the TTR125 is that it handles like it is on rails. This bike will turn anywhere. Inside – outside it doesn’t matter. The must have items for the TTR are the chain guide, Free Flow air filter, exhaust system, heavy duty springs, and cradle.

What kind of canister does Yamaha TTR125 use?

Yamaha ( 2005 – 07 ) TTR125 Stainless Steel Header – C6 Aluminum canister Description: Save weight, improve sound and gain power throughout the rev range with our race track proven Stainless Steel and aluminum exhaust system. ( THE EXHAUST SYSTEM IN PICTURE IS NOT THE ACTUAL ONE… • Superior power and performance on stock or big bore motors

What is the difference between the XR100 and TTR125?

At the time the TTR125 was introduced the XR100s were the king of the play bikes. The TTR came on the scene and had a disc front brake, better suspension, and more power. It was a home run.

Is the Dr-z/klx125 better than the TT-r 125?

With minor modifications (fork springs, shock spring, exhaust) the DR-Z/KLX125 is probably better than an equivalently modified TT-R 125. When both are extensively modified it is hard to say which is better. We’ve only just begun to modify the DR-Z/KLX125 and we have several years working with the TT-R 125.