How much is a model General Lee Worth?

How much is a model General Lee Worth?

Ordinarily, a production-used General Lee would be worth about $150,000 to $200,000, said McKeel Hagerty, president of Hagerty Insurance, a collector car insurance company. About 20 of those are known to exist in reasonably good condition.

Did Hot Wheels make a General Lee car?


How much does the General Lee weigh?

It was powered by a 440 Magnum engine with 375 HP, the car weighed 3,671-pound (1,665 kg).

How much is a 69 Dodge Charger General Lee?


Vehicle: 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee”
Years Produced: 1969
Number Produced: 89,200 total. 309 General Lees were built for the original TV show. At least 26 were built for the 2005 remake.
Original List Price: $3,839
SCM Valuation: $30k–$45k (Charger R/T), $55k–$70k (this car)

What year is the original General Lee car?

On November 11, 1978, a stuntman on the Georgia set of “The Dukes of Hazzard” launches the show’s iconic automobile, a 1969 Dodge Charger named the General Lee, off a makeshift dirt ramp and over a police car. That jump, 16 feet high and 82 feet long (its landing totaled the car), made TV history.

What Horn did the General Lee have?

8 The Dixie Horn The General Lee is known for many iconic features, one of which is a horn that plays the Confederate song “Dixie.” But unlike the show’s intricate stunts and car chases, the use of the Dixie horn was the unplanned result of pure luck.

Why does the General Lee have 01 on it?

Luke Welding the doors shut on the General Lee when they first found him In 1976, Bo was just getting out High School and Luke was getting out of the Marine Corps. It was orange with a rebel flag painted on the roof, the words “GENERAL LEE” over each side window, and the number “01” on each door.

How much is a 1969 Dodge Charger?

Today, J.D. Power’s National Automobile Dealers’ Association estimates that a pristine 440 R/T 1969 Charger with a manual transmission can fetch at least $46,500 dollars and an automatic transmission bumps that number to $57,105. Find out more on

How fast does a General Lee go?

The Dukes of Hazzard The most memorable scenes from this show are the chases through the countryside with nearly impossible car jumps across rivers and gorges. The 375 horsepower engine with a top speed of 135 MPH and 0-60 in 5.4 seconds enabled the Charger to live up to its name.

How much did the General Lee car sell for?

John Schneider’s General Lee Charger Sells for $9.9 Million | CMT.