How much does a Baby Taylor cost?

How much does a Baby Taylor cost?

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This item Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT1, Natural Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar
Price $35322 $39900
Sold By Amazon Warehouse GearTree
Back Material Type Sapele Mahogany
Body Material Wood Spruce;Mahogany

Is Baby Taylor good?

In the last 20 years, Taylor Guitars have developed a reputation as one the top acoustic brands along with Martin, Gibson, and Guild. The Baby Taylor has become one of Taylor’s top sellers because of the sound, quality, and value that you get with this great little instrument.

Does the Baby Taylor have a solid top?

The guitar that set the standard for the travel guitar market, the enduringly popular Baby Taylor makes a great musical companion. Portable, playable and affordable, the Baby features a solid spruce top and yields impressive volume and tone for its compact, three-quarter-size scale.

What is the size of a Baby Taylor?

A ¾-size Dreadnought that yields a surprising amount of tone. A versatile, small bodied guitar that delivers an authentic Taylor playing experience. A ¾-size Dreadnought that’s big on tone.

Where are Taylor Baby guitars made?

All Taylor guitars are made in one of two factories; either the El Cajon factory in California, or the Tecate factory in Mexico. They’re roughly 40 miles from one another. Anything that’s a 200 series or lower (so that’s the 100 series, GS Minis, Baby range and Academies) are made in the Mexican factory.

Is Taylor a good acoustic guitar?

Taylor acoustic guitars are one of the most well-known acoustic guitar brands. These guitars don’t begin to cover all the variations and models, but they represent a good sampling of their products meeting the needs of both beginners and more advanced players and are widely used.

Are Taylor Guitars good?

Taylor guitars have a more modern sound – usually very crisp, balanced and articulate. Over the last 10 years or so, they’ve grown so much to become one of the biggest and most popular acoustic guitar brands in the world, rivalling (or perhaps complementing) the likes of Martin and Gibson.

What is Shawn Mendes favorite guitar?

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar He uses the 3-Colour Sunburst stratocaster from Fender.

What is the Baby Taylor acoustic guitar?

The Baby Taylor acoustic guitar is the ultimate travel companion, delivering volume and tone that surprise for its diminutive dimensions. At three-quarters the size of a full-size guitar, the Baby Taylor lives for the road. It also loves little hands, which makes it an irresistible choice for kids taking lessons.

What kind of guitar is the Sitka spruce Big Baby?

It ships with a padded gig bag. The biggest of our small bodies, the Big Baby is just shy of a full-size guitar. The soundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles.

Is the Taylor Baby Taylor BT1 travelable?

Pure Portability: Taylor Guitar’s Baby Taylor BT1 is Perfect for Travel and Little Hands. The Baby Taylor is the ultimate travel companion, delivering volume and tone that surprise for its diminutive dimensions. At three-quarters the size of a full-sized guitar, the Baby Taylor BT1 lives for the road.

What makes the Big Baby guitar so special?

Built to a slightly smaller scale than a full-size acoustic guitar, the Big Baby’s solid spruce top provides rich acoustic tone in a package that’s perfect for students and players who need a reliable practice option that isn’t too precious to take on the road. It ships with a padded gig bag.