How long is Florida EOT good for?

How long is Florida EOT good for?

How long do I have to complete the training and pass the State Officer Certification Examination? Answer: You only have one (1) year from the date you receive your EOT to complete the demonstration of proficiency and pass the State Officer Certification Examination.

What is the Cjstc?

The Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJSTC), established under Florida Statute, Chapter 943, is an independent policy making body that ensures that Florida’s citizens are served by a qualified, well trained, competent, and ethical law enforcement community.

How do I become FDLE certified?

The SOCE is administered on demand by Pearson VUE at authorized test sites throughout Florida. Eligible individuals may schedule their exams online at or via phone at (877) 242-1697. The fee for taking the SOCE is $100.

Does Florida accept out of state law enforcement certifications?

Answer: Exemption Of Training is an accelerated path to certification as a Law Enforcement or Correctional Officer in Florida, based on training and employment experience from another state or the federal government. EOT applicants must also pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

How long is Florida equivalency of training?

The two-week Equivalency of Training Academy consists of 92 hours in law enforcement training; 68 hours in corrections training. The academy is not intended for basic instruction, but for the experienced criminal justice veteran to prove proficiency in the following high liability skills: First Responder (21 hours)

What is the FDLE test?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Exam is a certification test controlled by the State of Florida. A state requirement for those who wish to become criminal justice officers, the FDLE exam measures students’ knowledge and competency in their chosen discipline.

How much is the FDLE exam?

Question: How do I register for the State Officer Certification Examination? Answer: Register online at: using a valid credit or debit card to pay the $100 examination fee.

What is EOT in Florida?

The Equivalency of Training (EOT) process is for out-of-state officers, federal officers and previously certified Florida officers with a four year or more break-in-service pursuant to section 943.131(2a), Florida Statutes and Rule 11B-35.009(3) or (4), Florida Administrative Code or for persons who served as a member …