How do I connect my Epson printer to the WIFI?

How do I connect my Epson printer to the WIFI?

Here’s how:

  1. Turn your Epson printer on.
  2. Press the Home button on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Use the arrow button to select Wi-Fi Setup.
  4. Press OK until you see the selection.
  5. After it’s searching, choose the network name on the screen.
  6. Enter your network password.
  7. Wait for this screen then press OK.

Who is the owner of Epson?


Seiko Epson corporate building in Tokyo
Products Information-related equipment, Electronic devices, Precision products
Revenue ¥1,043.6 billion (2019) (US$9.5 billion)
Number of employees 67,605 (2016)
Parent Seiko Group

Is Epson a Chinese company?

Epson (爱普生集团)is a global technology leader. Seiko Epson, located in Japan, is the core business of the Epson Group. The Epson Group has 86 companies worldwide and more than 80,000 employees. Epson (China) Co Ltd was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Beijing.

What is Epson famous for?

Organised horse racing on Epsom Downs is believed to have taken place since the early 17th century. The popularity of Epsom grew as The Oaks and The Derby were established in 1779 and 1780 respectively.

How do I print from my phone to a wireless printer?

Start your mobile application and tap the Settings icon. (Mobile Cable Label Tool users must also tap [Printer Settings] – [Printer].) Select the printer listed under [Wi-Fi Printer]. You can now print from your device wirelessly.

How do I connect my Epson printer to my iPhone hotspot?

How to connect to your printer hotspot with your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open your Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Under Choose a Network tap your printer name.
  4. Tap Join This Network.

How do I reset the WiFi on my Epson printer?

Reset the Printer’s Network Settings for the Epson Artisan 800

  1. If necessary, press the Home button on the control panel to return to the Home menu, then select Setup.
  2. Press , then press Restore Default Settings.
  3. Press Reset Network Settings.
  4. Select Yes as necessary to reset the printer’s network settings.