Can you print on fabric with a sublimation printer?

Can you print on fabric with a sublimation printer?

Sublimation printing is only suitable for garments that include polyester (100% polyester or polyester blend). Although sublimation is possible on other materials such as cotton, the image will not be permanent as it is on ‘man made’ fabric and it isn’t recommended.

What is dye sublimation printing on fabric?

Dye sublimation is a two-stage fabric printing process of digitally dye printing synthetic substrate with heat activated dyes and then heat curing the printed substrate to achieve a vibrant, and detailed printed image.

What fabric can you sublimate on?

The best fabric for sublimation is 100% polyester. What is this? Other blended materials will do but aim for a minimum of 50% polyester. Apart from polyester, other good options include nylon spandex and lycra.

Will sublimation ink wash out of cotton?

Sublimation is great for its versatility and vibrant colors. If you have been researching sublimation, you will know that the ink adheres to poly-coating or polyester threads. Often times the ink will transfer to the shirt but since not all of it is polyester, it will wash out of the cotton fibers!

Can you sublimate on a black shirt?

If you’re wondering how to do sublimation on dark color shirts you’ve come to the right spot. While it’s not possible to sublimate dark colors directly, with a Silhouette CAMEO, Sawgrass Sublimation Printer, and white glitter HTV you can make it work!

Do you wash shirts before sublimation?

Wash in washing machine as you normally would. If you are having a lot of issues with browning/burning shirts, you should get a temp gun and see if your heat press temperature is accurate. SHIRT CHOICES: Dye Sublimation will have the best results on shirts that are 100% polyester.

What is the best sublimation printer?

The best Sublimation Printer can be determined based on your needs and material for Sublimation, as some work well on a specific medium but not great on others, and some that work well across many materials. The Epson Workforce WF-7710 is one of the best Sublimation Printers available based on its performance and price tag.

What is the best fabric for sublimation?

For the best sublimation results, garments should be 100% white polyester. Even then, some fabrics aren’t made to withstand the high heat that sublimation requires. From our experiences, the following garments provide best results: SubliVie – 4.5oz 100% Poly line of tshirts. Carried by S&S Activewear and Alphabroder.

Where to order sublimation prints?

Though if you are looking for sublimation transfer paper for printing your own heat transfers, Amazon is the place to go! You can order custom sublimation transfers through this seller on Etsy. They use ultra-premium quality, large format sublimation paper that is a thicker weight than standard.

What printers print on fabric?

Now, any photo or design can be printed directly onto cotton or silk fabric using a computer and InkJet Printer or an Ink Jet Copier. Print on Fabrics are specially treated silk and cotton fabrics with a paper backing which run smoothly through most all brands of ink jet printers.