Key trends for Digital Transformation in 2019?

What does the future of digital transformation look like? A few of the important trends for digital transformation in 2019 are multi cloud, augmented analytics, autonomous things, the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning. C-level executives can use the top trends as a compass for fulfilling their responsibilities with regards to digital transformation in […]

The Importance of Price Monitoring

Why is price monitoring important? The Ecommerce arena is highly competitive. With so many sellers competing for sales of similar products, the slightest advantage can make a difference. And pricing can a massive differentiator for the consumer. The Need for Price monitoring Price-monitoring is an important part of the strategy to stay competitive. Constantly keeping […]

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay Do anyone like to carry wallet nowadays. I think so it is no because it is none used by anyone. It is because it is not safe at all, and all the time, we have tension in the mind that it should be not got stole. So what if you have a smartphone […]