Who makes Bryco 380?

Who makes Bryco 380?

Jimenez Arms
U.S. JA Industries, formerly Jimenez Arms, is an American firearms manufacturer based in Henderson, Nevada. The company was started in August 2004 using the molds and machinery from bankrupt Bryco Arms and made six models of firearm.

Are Jennings Firearms good?

These companies made inexpensive, low quality firearms that used to be derisively termed as “Saturday Night specials.” Jennings have a zinc frame, a poor quality barrel and components which wear very quickly. Its accuracy is substandard, it frequently jams and fails to feed and it cannot be used with +P ammunition.

Is Arms Inc still in business?

We are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. A.R.M.S. ®, Inc. is the original designer and manufacturer of the dovetail dimensions for Military and Civilian use since 1980.