What the word for passing a responsibility to someone else?

What the word for passing a responsibility to someone else?

A delegate is a person who is chosen to vote or make decisions on behalf of a group of other people, especially at a conference or a meeting. If you delegate duties, responsibilities, or power to someone, you give them those duties, those responsibilities, or that power so that they can act on your behalf.

What is the word for not taking responsibility?

irresponsible Add to list Share. If you’re irresponsible, you’re careless about the consequences of your actions. You can’t really rely on irresponsible people. Being irresponsible is the opposite of being responsible and careful — you do what you like and don’t care what happens afterward.

What’s the word for passing the blame?

1, 2 reproach, reprove, reprehend, criticize. 4 reprehension, condemnation, stricture, reproach, animadversion.

What does shift responsibility mean?

verb. If someone shifts the responsibility or blame for something onto you, they unfairly make you responsible or make people blame you for it, instead of them.

What is the synonym of accountability?

Some common synonyms of accountable are amenable, answerable, liable, and responsible. While all these words mean “subject to being held to account,” accountable suggests imminence of retribution for unfulfilled trust or violated obligation.

What do you call a person who avoids responsibilities?

3 Answers. 3. To shirk is to avoid or neglect a responsibility. So, a person who shirks is a shirker.

What’s another word for unresponsive?

What is another word for unresponsive?

unfeeling indifferent
uncaring unsympathetic
unemotional cool
frigid impassive
expressionless passive

How do you say you are responsible?


  1. accountable,
  2. amenable,
  3. answerable,
  4. liable.

How do you say this is your responsibility?

To be responsible for something – thesaurus

  1. answer for. phrasal verb. to agree to be responsible for something.
  2. accept. verb.
  3. carry. verb.
  4. accept/face the consequences. phrase.
  5. be meant to do something. phrase.
  6. bear the responsibility. phrase.
  7. take charge (of) phrase.
  8. take the lead. phrase.

What do you call someone who blames others for their own mistakes?

scapegoat (noun) A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency. From this word, we have the word scapegoater, which means: scapegoater one that makes a scapegoat of something or somebody.

What is another word for a blamer?

What is another word for blamer?

nitpicker carper
hypercritic knocker
faultfinder caviler
niggler criticizer
slanderer castigator

What is the difference between pass responsibility and delegate responsibility?

If you “pass” responsibility it can mean a few things. If you mean “assign” to another entity you might chose “delegate” where if you mean “give up” you might chose cede. (and for that matter, ‘assign’ and ‘give up’ are other alternatives yet less exclusively tied to responsibility) – Tom22 Mar 28 ’18 at 1:12.

What does it mean to relinquish a responsibility?

I relinquish my responsibility of self-defense to the state. 3b : to give over possession or control of : yield – few leaders willingly relinquish power. “Relinquish.” Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 19 Aug. 2018.

What does I’ll entrust my responsibility to the state mean?

I entrust my responsibility of self-defence to the state. entrust – verb – “If you entrust something important to someone or entrust them with it, you make them responsible for looking after it or dealing with it.” I’ll entrust the job to you.