What the knife that Unbox Therapy use?

What the knife that Unbox Therapy use?

440c Ti Gold Coated Tanto Blade.

How old is Lewis Hilsenteger?

Lewis Hilsenteger

Unbox Therapy
Personal information
Born Lewis George Hilsenteger May 6, 1985 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education Toronto School of Art

Can you trust Unbox Therapy?

This is because Unbox Therapy is quite an old channel and it has become famous after a long period. You call a channel or a person or anything ‘Overrated’ when you notice that it has become popular in a less period and its content does not please you or does not entertain you. Such is not the case of ‘Unbox Therapy’.

Is Lew later Unbox Therapy?

Lew Later is a new show format from the creator/host of Unbox Therapy. Here, the aim is to take a deeper dive into technology news and internet culture.

Why is Unbox Therapy so popular?

Some of the reasons why he is famous : 1) Tech Enthusiast: Looking at his videos, it’s pretty clear that he is passionate about new gadgets and how it works. He releases new videos frequently and unboxes tech nobody ever heard of to his huge subscribers.

Who is Will in Unbox Therapy?

Will Du – Content Creator – Unbox Therapy | LinkedIn.

How old is Lew later?

Lewis George “Lew” Hilsenteger (born: May 5, 1984 (1984-05-05) [age 37]), better known online as Unbox Therapy, is a Canadian YouTuber who uploads videos about him unboxing technology.

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