What is the OIG Work plan?

What is the OIG Work plan?

The OIG Work Plan sets forth various projects including OIG audits and evaluations that are underway or planned to be addressed during the fiscal year and beyond by OIG’s Office of Audit Services and Office of Evaluation and Inspections. Some Work Plan items reflect work that is statutorily required.

What are the 3 statutory goals of an OIG?

In all we do, we strive to be impactful, innovative, and people-focused. We have three clear goals: Fight fraud, waste, and abuse. Promote quality, safety, and value in HHS programs and for HHS beneficiaries.

What is an OIG audit?

The OIG’s Office of Auditing and Evaluation conducts audits and other reviews of DOT’s transportation programs and activities to ensure they operate economically, efficiently, and effectively. We disseminate our findings and recommendations to DOT, Congress, and the public through reports, testimonies, and advisories.

How often does the OIG issue a work plan?

Each year, the OIG produces an annual work plan that presents the major initiatives and priorities we intend to undertake to assist the U.S. Department of Education (ED) in fulfilling its responsibilities to America’s taxpayers and students.

How does OIG investigate?

Most investigations concern alleged fraudulent activity involving travel, time and attendance, workers’ compensation, or ethics violations. OIG also investigates non-NLRB employees in matters involving fraud against the Government, primarily cases of contract fraud.

What is OIG compliance?

OIG compliance programs provide oversight toward promoting ethical and lawful corporate conduct that focus on encouraging prevention, detection and resolution of occurrences of conduct that do not meet federal and state law, and a hospital or health system’s business policies.

What is the general purpose of the OIG Work Plan quizlet?

The OIG’S four goals are: fight fraud, waste and abuse; promote quality and safety; secure the future; and advance innovation.

Who investigates the OIG?

Q: Who conducts OIG investigations? A: OIG is staffed with trained, credentialed, and sworn special agents (criminal investigators who are federal law enforcement officers), investigative attorneys, and administrative investigators.

Is OIG federal or state?

OIG is the largest inspector general’s office in the Federal Government with approximately 1,600 personnel.

What is the OIG work plan?

The OIG Work Plan describes the specific risks the OIG plans to research, audit and target. The Work Plan is divided into categories (e.g. Medicare Parts A and B) and further divided into subcategories (e.g. Nursing Homes, Hospices ).

What is an annual audit plan?

The Annual Audit Plan is a report of scheduled audits by process or location that is developed each year based on results from the audit universe risk assessment. The audit universe is a list of auditable processes, functions and units within the University of Alaska system.

What is importance of Audit planning?

The planning stage of the audit is an extremely vital area. Going in to an audit ‘blind’ is wreckless and does not conform to the ISAs relating to planning. The core principle involved in the audit planning is to ensure the audit is carried out efficiently and that sufficient attention is devoted to important audit areas.

What are audit planning procedures?

The audit planning phase includes procedures such as gaining an understanding of the clients and its business, making risk and materiality assessments, determining an audit strategyForensic Audit GuideA Forensic Audit is a detailed audit of a company’s records to be used in a court of law in a legal proceeding.