What is the first Saint Seiya series?

What is the first Saint Seiya series?


No. Title Episodes
1 Saint Seiya 114
2 Saint Seiya: Hades 31
3 Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas 26

Did Netflix cancel Saint Seiya?

After arriving on Netflix with much fan-fare in 2019, anime fans will be disappointed to learn that all six seasons of Saint Seiya are scheduled to leave Netflix in December 2021. The removal of the anime will be a giant loss for the Netflix library, and sure to disappoint millions of fans worldwide.

Is there a Saint Seiya Next Dimension manga?

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension – The Myth of Hades (聖闘士星矢 NEXT DIMENSION 冥王神話, Seinto Seiya: Nekusuto Dimenshon – Meiō Shinwa), also known as simply Next Dimension, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. It is the canonical sequel to, while also serving as a prequel to the Saint Seiya manga by Kurumada

How many copies did Saint Seiya Volume 12 sell?

The volume 12 of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension in Japan reached the 10th position of the best-selling manga in Japan in the first week with 46,649 copies sold. As of September 2017, merchandise related to Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is still uncommon.

What is the next dimension manga?

Next Dimension resumes the story of Kurumada’s original Saint Seiya manga by means of a flashback to the final battle of the Saints of Athena in the Hades arc. During the battle, Hades , the god of the Underworld recognizes Seiya as the feared enemy he faced millennia ago, in the ages of myth, reincarnated in this era.

When will the 12th Saint Seiya compilation be released?

The twelfth compilation was released on May 8, 2018. The first special episode for Next Dimension was published on June 19, 2014 to commemorate the release of the animated film Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary. The second special chapter was released a year after on July 16, 2015.