What is the average cost of a Worcester Bosch boiler?

What is the average cost of a Worcester Bosch boiler?

The Worcester Bosch Boiler Range

Model Type Typical Price
Greenstar 24i System Type System Typical Price £930.08
Greenstar 30Si Type Combi Typical Price £952.64
Greenstar 28CDi Compact Type Combi Typical Price £973.44
Greenstar 29CDi Classic Type Combi Typical Price £1018.8

How much does a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i cost?

Best Price LPG Greenstar 30i

Best Price Installer Filter
1 BOXT Adey MC1+
2 Heatable Worcester Bosch
3 Boiler Plan No

Which Worcester boiler is the best?

The Greenstar 30i is Worcester’s best seller and over a million of them are in homes throughout the UK. If choosing between the two, then do consider opting for the Greenstar 30i over the Greenstar 25i as they are known to be much more reliable and often don’t have too much disparity in price.

What is the average life of a Worcester boiler?

Worcester Bosch boilers tend to last between 12-15 years.

Is the Worcester 30i being discontinued?

Important note: The Greenstar i range, which includes the 30i has now been replaced by the Worcester Bosch 4000.

What is the output rating of a Worcester Bosch 30cdi classic boiler?

This is the Greenstar 30CDi Classic condensing system gas boiler, designed and manufactured by Worcester Bosch. What’s the output rating of this boiler? This Greenstar model comes with an output rating of 30 kW, ideal for medium-sized homes that don’t have such an excessive need for heating and hot water.

What is the warranty on a Worcester Greenstar FS 30cdi boiler?

An extended warranty of up to 7 years is available when this boiler is installed by a Worcester accredited installer. What are the key features of the Greenstar FS 30CDi?

What type of boiler is greengreenstar 30cdi?

Greenstar 30CDi from Worcester is a domestic boiler suited to medium to large family households. Find out more and get quotes from local and nationwide installers here. This boiler is discontinued. Need a repair instead?

How efficient is a FS 30cdi boiler?

How efficient is the FS 30CDi? A 92% efficiency makes this an ErP A-rated boiler for heating and could help to lower your heating bill. And of course, like all the Greenstars, this boiler is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.