What is Tang Kuei used for?

What is Tang Kuei used for?

Dong quai is used for menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms. It is also used orally as a “blood purifier”; to manage hypertension, infertility, joint pain, ulcers, “tired blood” (anemia), and constipation; and in the prevention and treatment of allergic attacks.

What is Dang Gui good for?

Radix Angelica Sinensis, the dried root of Angelica sinensis (Danggui), is a herb used in Chinese medicine to enrich blood, promote blood circulation and modulate the immune system. It is also used to treat chronic constipation of the elderly and debilitated as well as menstrual disorders.

Is Dang Gui good for pregnancy?

Chinese Angelica Root (当归 Dang Gui) (d) This is an important herb for the postpartum period, and even during pregnancy, as it aims to increase blood production as well as revive weakened blood circulation.

What is tang kuei and peony used for?

Tang Kuei and Peony Formula (Dang Gui Shao Yao San) supports spleen qi and eliminates dampness while supplementing blood and smoothing liver qi. Helps to regulate menses when there is a com- bination of qi and blood deficiency with blood stagnation and chronic dampness.

Will dong quai start my period?

Dong quai is an herb native to China and a popular herbal remedy that’s been used for hundreds of years. It’s thought to help induce a period by improving blood flow to the pelvis as well as by stimulating the muscles in the uterus and triggering uterine contractions.

Is it safe to take dong quai?

When taken by mouth: Dong quai is possibly safe when taken for up to 6 months. It’s been safely used in combination with other ingredients in doses up to 150 mg daily. It might make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Common side effects include burping, gas, and high blood pressure.

Does dong quai balance hormones?

Dong Quai: a Chinese herb used a lot in western herbal medicine. It’s commonly used to balance hormone excesses and deficits. It’s excellent for treating absent or painful menstruation and menopausal symptoms. It’s also useful herb for the treatment of fibroids.

Can you take dong quai everyday?

Who shouldn’t take dong quai?

Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Dong quai might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by estrogen, don’t use dong quai.

What is Ba Zhen Tang used for?

Ba Zhen Tang is an excellent tonic for the blood. It can be used by both women and men, but is best known as a female tonic for supporting a healthy menstrual cycle. Particularly suitable for women who experience monthly discomfort and cold feet and cold hands.