What is Kocide used for?

What is Kocide used for?

Kocide 2000-O copper hydroxide bactericide/fungicide is used to control a wide range of diseases in citrus, tree fruit and many other crops. Kocide 2000-O provides an excellent foundation for disease control when applied as a protectant.

Is Kocide systemic?

Protectant fungicide with no curative and systemic action.

How do you use Kocide 2000?

When mixing, fill the spray tank one-half full with water. Add KOCIDE® 2000 slowly to tank while hydraulic or mechanical agitation is operating and continue filling with water. Spreaders, stickers, insecticides, nutrients, etc.

Is Kocide a fixed copper?

Fixed coppers include basic copper sulfate (e.g., Cuprofix Ultra Disperss), copper oxide (e.g., Nordox), copper hydroxide (e.g., Kocide, Champ), copper oxychloride sulfate (e.g., COCS), and copper ions linked to fatty acids or other organic molecules (e.g., TennCop, Cueva).

How do you use Kocide?

Fill spray tank one-half full with water. Pour the correct quantity of DuPont™ Kocide® Opti™ fungicide/bactericide slowly into the tank while hydraulic or mechanical agitation is operating and continue filling with water.

How do you apply Kocide?

Kocide 3000-O for Tree Fruit Apply as a full cover spray for early season disease suppression. Mix in 100 gallons of water. Apply 4 gallons as a drench on the lower trunk area of each tree. Apply in early spring or in fall after harvest.

What is Dithane fungicide?

Dithane® F-45 fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide containing the active ingredient mancozeb. It is a contact fungicide with high protectant activity to control a wide range of fungal diseases.

What is use of copper oxychloride as fungicide?

Copper Oxychloride Fungicide is for the control of fungal and bacterial diseases in fruit and vegetable crops, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit and ornamentals. Why choose Copper Oxychloride Fungicide; Economical control of a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases in many crops and situations.

What type of pesticide is Kocide?

Kocide 3000 is a copper-based fungicide and bactericide specially formulated to treat diseases on trees and crops. It uses the active ingredient Copper Hydroxide to prevent crop destroying diseases such as blight, black spot, downy mildew, and more.

What is Fontelis?

FONTELIS® is a broad-spectrum fungicide, recommended for control of foliar and soil-borne plant diseases, and has preventive, curative, and locally systemic activity. FONTELIS® must be applied in a regularly scheduled protective spray program in rotation with other fungicides.

Where do you spray dithane?

Use 2 to 3 lb of Dithane M-45/acre per application. Start applications when plants are in the two-leaf stage and repeat at 7 to 10 day intervals Use sufficient water and direct spray to provide thorough coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces.

Is dithane a systemic fungicide?

Mancozeb, available as Manzate or Dithane, is a broad-spectrum FRAC M3 fungicide that acts similarly as chlorothalonil. Tanos is a broad-spectrum, locally-systemic and contact fungicide that is a combination of famoxadone (FRAC 11) and cymoxanil (FRAC 27).