What is curettage of a wart?

What is curettage of a wart?

Curettage involves scraping off (curetting) the wart with a sharp knife or small, spoon-shaped tool. These two procedures often are used together. The dermatologist may remove the wart by scraping it off before or after electrosurgery. Excision: The doctor may cut out the wart (excision).

How effective is curettage for warts?

Surgical removal of warts by curettage followed by cautery was an early method that is still widely practiced. Although success rates of 65 to 85 percent have been reported, scarring and recurrence occur in up to 30 percent of patients.

How long does wart curettage take to heal?

The wound from curettage will take approximately 2–3 weeks to heal over. The scar will initially be red and raised but usually reduces in colour and size over several months.

What is the most aggressive wart treatment?

Salicylic acid and cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen are first-line treatments for cutaneous warts. Aggressive cryotherapy (10 to 30 seconds) is more effective than less aggressive cryotherapy. Best results of cryotherapy can be achieved when the patient is treated every two or three weeks.

Does removing warts hurt?

Your doctor cuts away the wart or destroys it by using an electric needle (electrodesiccation and curettage). This procedure can be painful, so your doctor will numb your skin first. Because surgery has a risk of scarring, this method usually isn’t used to treat plantar warts unless other treatments have failed.

Does electro surgery leave scars?

The clinical situation will determine which mode of electrosurgery is appropriate to use. If only the epidermis needs treatment, electrodesiccation would be a good choice as it results in very little or no scarring. Electrodesiccation causes very superficial tissue damage by dehydrating the treated skin.

When should you have a curette?

A curette is done in the following circumstances: You have heavy or persistent bleeding and/or pain. The medical staff advise that this is a better option for you; this may be because of the amount of tissue present, especially with a missed miscarriage.

Can curettage be used to treat warts?

If you have a compromised immune system, you are often refractory to wart treatment, and most likely need surgical and invasive procedures. Curettage is a form of surgical wart treatment that involves incising the wart from the skin using a sharp knife or a small, spoon-shaped tool.

How to get rid of warts on my face?

Electrosurgery Curettage Wart Removal Method Destroys Warts 1 Electrosurgery, also known as cautery,… 2 Treatment with Electrosurgery and Curettage. 3 Preparation Stage Before Electrosurgery. As soon as the diagnosis is received,… 4 Electrosurgery Post-procedure. When the electrosurgery and curettage are over,…

What is a curette used to treat?

The treatment area is numbed with a local anesthetic and a curette is then used to remove abnormal cells by scraping the skin. The process is not as painful as it may sound.

What is surgical curettage?

Surgical Curettage. Curettage is a form of surgical wart treatment that involves incising the wart from the skin using a sharp knife or a small, spoon-shaped tool. It is often done together with electrosurgery, where warts are burned or cauterized using an electrical current.