What is Commerzbank in English?

What is Commerzbank in English?

Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft is a major German bank operating as a universal bank, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2019 financial year, the bank was the second largest in Germany by the total value of its balance sheet.

What is photoTAN Commerzbank?

The photoTAN is an image of small dots (approx. 1×1 inch) that is sent to you by Commerzbank and generated on your PC screen. This image contains the transaction data. You can then scan the graphic using your mobile phone or an additional image scanner.

How do I check my transactions on Commerzbank?

The view “Accounts” displays all account statements and pre-booked items for an account. The view “Transactions” displays the continuous transactions for an account, starting with the latest.

How do I use Commerzbank photoTAN?

Click on the “Administration” tab and choose “photoTAN”. Then select the field “Activate”. Activate your reader or photoTAN app and scan the activation graphic from your letter. After you have successfully scanned it, you will receive confirmation on your reader or smartphone.

Is Commerzbank safe?

While Commerzbank has maintained a safe level of deposits against its liabilities, it has taken on excess levels of bad debt and poorly provisioned for these bad debt payments. This could lead to lower profits than may have been expected by the company.

How do I activate my Commerzbank account?


  1. Please go to www.corporates.commerzbank.com and log in with participant number/register name and PIN (if you have made a new registration to the Corporate Banking portal these will have been sent to you separately).
  2. Open the “Administration & Tools” tab and select “photoTAN”.

How do I find my Commerzbank account number?

IBAN for Commerzbank in Germany consists of 22 characters: 2 letter country code. 2 digit check number….What is the IBAN code for Commerzbank in Germany?

Commerzbank IBAN example in Germany DE89370400440532013000
Check digits 89
Bank code (BLZ code) 37040044
Bank account number 0532013000

How do I cancel a transaction on Commerzbank?

An Authoriser can reject the transaction:

  1. Go to Payables > Authorisations Required.
  2. Check the box next to the transactions you want to cancel.
  3. Click Reject > Confirm.