What is CEDEX in French address?

What is CEDEX in French address?

Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle
Another example of variation from the strict system is what’s called “CEDEX,” which stands for Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle, or “special business mail.” This term is applied to a number of different categories of nonstandard mail, including recipients who receive large quantities of post and post …

Does France have postal code?

The postal code (French: code postal) consists of five digits. In metropolitan France the first two digits are the number of the département where the post office in charge of delivery to a town is located. Postcodes not ending with a 0 may indicate a special code, known as CEDEX (see below), or newest postcodes.

What country is CEDEX?

Cedex is postal code in France.

What does Paris CEDEX mean?

CEDEX (technically should always be written in capital letters) is an acronym for “Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle”. It is a system of delivery mail to large volume receivers. CEDEX 04 is indeed the 4th arrondissement, the 181 is the business’s CEDEX code assignment within the 75 region (Paris).

What is the definition of CEDEX?

[sedɛks ] (= courrier d’entreprise à distribution exceptionnelle) accelerated postal service for bulk users.

What do French post codes look like?

A French postal code today is five digits consisting solely of numbers; no letters, no spaces, no hyphens, much like the US ZIP Code system. La Poste does not utilize ZIP+4 Codes. There are over 30,000 officially recognized postal codes in France.

What does CS mean in French address?

We have also special mail with acronym CS (Course Spéciale ) following with a number. (CS 345) That’s is to indicated to the french post that the mail sorting must be done at the specific hours. And finally TSA (Tri Service Arrivée) with also a number to indicate a specific sort for a company.

What is the time in France?

Current Local Time in Locations in France with Links for More Information (92 Locations)
Niort Mon 6:26 am
Orléans Mon 6:26 am
Pamiers Mon 6:26 am
Paris Mon 6:26 am

How do I write a letter to France?

To address a letter in French, The first line will be the recipient’s full name. Do not forget to add Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle before the name. The second line will be the recipient’s street address and next is the city or town, followed by the state name and zip code in the third line.

Where is Suresnes in France?

Suresnes (French pronunciation: ​[sy.ʁɛn]) is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 9.3 km (5.8 mi) from the centre of Paris and had a population of 45,039 in 2006. The nearest communes are Neuilly-sur-Seine, Puteaux, Rueil-Malmaison, Saint-Cloud and Boulogne-Billancourt.

What are the landmarks of Suresnes?

Suresnes’s landmarks include the Mémorial de la France combattante and Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial below Fort Mont-Valérien, as well as Foch Hospital in the town centre. Fort Mont-Valérien (along with its Mémorial de la France combattante) is situated in the commune, as is Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial.

What is the significance of the Pont de Suresnes?

The Pont de Suresnes carries the Allée de Longchamp, one of the main traffic arteries, from the Bois de Boulogne over the Seine into the western suburbs of Paris. The following people have been associated with Suresnes: Karine Ferri (1982), French model and television presenter, born in Suresnes.

How to get to Suresnes?

Suresnes is served by Suresnes–Mont-Valérien station on the Transilien La Défense and Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare suburban rail lines. It is also served by Île-de-France tramway Line 2, which stops twice in the commune, at Belvédère and Suresnes Longchamp.