What is a CCS number?

What is a CCS number?

CCS FAMILIES. CALIFORNIA CHILDREN’S SERVICES. Phone: (800) 288-4584. Fax: (855) 481-6821.

What does CCS stand for in Medi Cal?

California Children’s Services
What is California Children’s Services? CCS is a statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic health conditions or diseases. CCS can authorize and pay for specific medical services and equipment provided by CCS-approved specialists.

How do I appeal a CCS denial?

The beneficiary can call the CCS program administrator for their CCS eligibility questions or to request an appeal or a fair hearing regarding the beneficiary’s CCS eligibility denial.

What is a CCS condition?

Examples of CCS-eligible conditions include, but are not limited to, chronic medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, traumatic injuries, and infectious diseases producing major sequelae.

Who can refer to CCS?

Step 1: Referral Anyone can refer a child or youth to CCS, such as the child or youth themselves, parents, caregivers, doctors, and schools.

What is the bin number for California Medicaid?

Introducing Medi-Cal Rx

022659 6334225 MediCalRx
Medi-Cal Rx Customer Service Center 1-800-977-2273

How do you qualify for CCS?

Families must meet certain requirements to get CCS. Parents must: care for their child at least two nights per fortnight, have 14% share of care, or receive Family Tax Benefit for their child. make a co-contribution to their child care fees at an approved child care service.

What is RX bin?

The Rx BIN number is a 6-digit number health plans use to process electronic pharmacy claims. Rx BIN and PCN numbers are used by new members to pick up a new prescription (or refill) prior to having a new ID card or showing up in the new Carrier’s Rx system.