What does BCI mean on battery?

What does BCI mean on battery?

Battery Council International
This refers to the battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions, terminal locations and type required for your vehicle. The Battery Council International (BCI) assigns numbers and letters for each battery group size. Group size is typically based on your vehicle’s make, model and engine type.

What does 51R mean?

Also, to help with easier fitting, some batteries are manufactured as Group 51 (positive terminal to the LEFT) and as Group 51R (positive terminal to the RIGHT).

What is the group size of a battery?

A battery group size is an industry-standard for car batteries that indicates the actual, physical size for a car battery (height x width x length), as well as the polarity (where the positive and negative battery posts are located on the battery).

Is 51 and 51R the same battery?

The BCI group 51 and 51R have the same size for Mazda, Nissan, and honda. Group 51 batteries are in use in most cars. 51 car battery has good output performance. 51R batteries are used in Japanese car brands.

What does a group 51 battery fit?

The Group-51 Battery is found in Hondas, Nissan GTRs, and some other Japanese Cars. It can actually be used as a smaller/lighter version of the Group-35 for racing being it is same height and length, just narrower front to back.

What type of battery is duralast gold?

Duralast Gold They are lead-acid batteries, not AGM batteries. Duralast Gold has a three-year warranty as well. Expect them to last between three to five years.

How many CCA do I need in cold weather?

A: On average, a battery with 650 CCA is good for the cold climate. An 800 cold cranking amps battery ensures you’ll start your car in any weather.

What are the BCI battery group articles?

Here is the list of our BCI Battery Group articles, ordered according to the date added or modified: BCI Group 94R batteries are very popular passenger car batteries, but they are also commonly used as SUVs, RV, trucks, boats, light industrial, etc. batteries.

What are the BCI group numbers for terminals?

BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional Specifications, Polarity & Terminals BCI L” W” H” Polarity 25 9.1 6.9 8.9 L/H-POS 26 8.2 6.8 7.8 L/H-POS 26R 8.2 6.8 7.8 R/H-POS 26 – 70 8.2 6.9 7.8 C-LINE

Why choose BCI group?

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What is the BCI battery group for a 98R?

However, if You dig a little bit deeper in the BCI Battery Groups Chart, You can find that the BCI Battery Group 98R (283 x 175 x 190 mm, positive terminal location: Right) is a better match to the DIN/EN battery groups labeled as H6, L3 and/or 66L3.