Not a Second Too Late: 10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Put Your Watch Retailer on the Map

Not a Second Too Late: 10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Put Your Watch Retailer on the Map

51% of smartphone users will find a new brand when searching with their phone. This makes digital marketing strategies essential to draw customers to your store for their new favorite brands.

You want to use digital marketing opportunities to show you have the watches customers desire. You also want to show you know your business so you build trust.

From website themes to content, to targeted ads, the best marketing strategy will take advantage of all the technologies and attention-grabbing opportunities available. To get started, there are 10 aspects of your digital strategy you can put in place today.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing takes in relationship building and establishing authority. These aspects are important to draw customers in and bring them back. You need to make your contact with customers, leads, and partners personal to build the needed trust.

This takes in more than just the type of content you share. You also need to make the content easy to access and understand.

1. Speed up Your Website

People get impatient if they have to wait too long to access your website. This means you want to pay attention to the items that can slow load time and optimize themes.

You also need to keep mobile users in mind. Choose mobile-friendly themes so people can access everything you have to offer. Also, make sure the themes are optimized for quick download for all devices.

There are many ways to increase website load speed. There are plugins available to help with this. You can also discuss your needs with your service provider.

2. Register on Business Directories

Google maps make it easy for customers to find retailers near them. To take advantage of this, you can register your business with this and other business directories.

By registering, you have the opportunity to provide the best information about your business. You can provide reviews from customers, an overview of your products and services, and contact info.

You can even provide direct access to your website. By registering, you increase your opportunity to get noticed in searches for people in your area.

3. Use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising allows you to automate the ad buying process. You can use these tactics to target the customers specific to you, cutting out false leads.

This allows you to optimize your ad buying so you get more for your money. You set the parameters for your desired customers and rest assured that only those people will see your ads.

4. Make Use of Keywords

With content and ads, choosing the right keywords will increase your chances of getting noticed. For instance, many retailers seek to rank for “watches”, so there’s too much competition for this word to make it work for you.

Instead, research high-ranking, lower-competition keywords to include in your content. You want keywords that include the terms pertinent to you and the customer, but that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

For instance, this article on how to wind a Rolex uses strategic keywords to grab attention without high competition. If you want to use keywords with high competition, look for people ranking high for these words. You can reach out to these people to request link opportunities.

5. A Call to Action

Blog posts need to highlight your products and services. They need to stay informative and interesting. They also need to contain at least one call to action.

A call to action tells people what you want them to do with the information you provide. Tell them exactly how they can access your watches once you show why they should give you their business. Make it as easy as possible for them to give you their business.

6. Video Marketing is a Top Marketing Strategy

People have low attention spans for reading online. That’s where video marketing comes into play. 72% of businesses increase conversion rates by implementing video marketing.

Videos are a great way to showcase your merchandise. You can showcase specific watches or trending brands. You can even offer how-tos and other informative videos.

Make sure the videos are long enough to provide value but short enough to keep attention. You can even do live, behind-the-scenes videos on social media.

7. Relationship-Building Content

You want to build relationships with customers, but you also want to build relationships with brands and other partners. You can do this by creating content that highlights these brands and partners.

By highlighting those you work with, you open opportunities for guest posts and shares of the content you create. You also open the door for other partnerships for marketing strategies.

8. Influencer Marketing is Strategic Marketing

If you want people to purchase your merchandise, you need to get it in front of their faces. The best way to do this involves influential people.

Find people with large followings to wear and discuss your watches. People that follow and trust these influencers will take this lead to purchase from you.

9. Set Up SMS Chat

Many people have turned to chat boxes on their websites for quick answers to questions. You can take this one step further by creating an SMS chat.

This allows you to respond to questions with texts. This allows you to continue a conversation with customers without requiring them to stay on your website. This also makes things easier for mobile users.

10. Personalize Emails

77% of people respond to personalized content. You can take advantage of this by automating your customer and lead emails.

Send emails based on behavior and where people are in the sales process. For instance, you can send advertising mail and personalized coupon codes to customers or leads based on how they’ve interacted with your business.

Keeping Up with the Best Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies make up one aspect of your overall marketing. For the best opportunities, you want to take advantage of all the marketing channels available to you.

Are you struggling with marketing, or just need some new ideas to refresh your current strategy? Keep up with the best business and marketing advice on our business tips page.