Is Dayco a good brand for timing belt?

Is Dayco a good brand for timing belt?

Dayco timing belts are amongst the best. They pioneered the extra small slot in the tooth apex which allows for extra flexibility when a belt is fitted to a poorly engineered drive with too few teeth on the crank wheel.

How long do Dayco timing belts last?

“Regardless of factory recommended change intervals, Dayco stands behind its Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump lasting 125,000 miles before maintenance is required.”

How many miles do idler pulleys last?

An idler pulley is a simple device used to keep tension on the accessory belt (also called the “serpentine belt”). An idler pulley is expected to wear over time, and eventually the pulley will fail. Replacement intervals for idler pulleys vary, but are usually within the 50,000 to 100,000 mile range.

Is Dayco made in China?

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, announced that its two manufacturing plants in Wujiang, China, were named recipients of the Silver Supplier Certification as part of Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP).

Are Dayco Belts better than Gates?

Conclusion. Gates is the more popular choice for a reason, but don’t underestimate Dayco either. While Gates’ timing belt kits and radiator hoses are better (thicker construction on the later, great reliability on the former), Dayco serpentine belts are a worthy competitor.

Is idler pulley same as tensioner?

The primary distinction between tensioners and idler pulleys is the presence of an adjustable bolt. Tensioners are positioned on the bolt through mounting. Idler pulleys are not mounted to an adjustable bolt. However, if bearings fail, tensioner and idler pulleys both require replacement.

Are Dayco Belts good quality?

Dayco offers a quality belt that is 87.79 inches long, 0.82 inches wide, and 0.17 inches thick. It has six ribs and proves to be super reliable and safe. With it, you’ll ensure excellent engine performance and completely quiet rides. The belt is made from EPDM rubber, which means it’s extremely durable.

What happens if idler pulley fails?

A damaged pulley can cause the drive or serpentine belt to dislodge. If that happens, all components that derive power from that belt will stop functioning. On most vehicles, these parts include the alternator, water pump, power steering, air conditioning system, and different exhaust components.

How much does it cost to replace idler pulley?

The cost to replace the idler pulley of your driver belt will usually be somewhere between $80 and $200. The cost for the new part should only be anywhere from $40 to $90, while the cost of the labor will be anywhere from $40 to $110. These prices do not include added taxes and fees charged by the auto shop.

Is Dayco American?

Dayco Products, formerly known as Mark IV Industries, is an American parts supplier for construction, automotive, and industrial companies. The companies annual earnings are approximately US$150 million.

What kind of pulleys does Dayco make?

As a complement to its accessory drive belts and tensioners, Dayco provides a wide range of pulleys and idlers in stamped and formed steel, plastic and powdered metal, with various bearing configurations to suit even the highest belt loading. The idler pulleys are available to be sub-assembled to engineered brackets.

Why choose Dayco timing belts?

Dayco timing belts feature a molded cog design that runs quieter and is more economical. Our premium, high modulus glass fiber cord delivers precise length stability to keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt.

What is a no slack idler/tensioner pulley?

Dayco® No Slack™ Idler/Tensioner Pulleys are designed to replace worn Serpentine and V-Belt drive Idler and Tensioner Pulleys. Dayco’s reputation for top performance Idler and Tensioner Pulleys is the result of the advanced automotive technologies employed in the materials research, design engineering and manufacture of our Pulleys.

How are Dayco belts numbered?

In addition, Dayco belts are numbered in fixed increments—by top width and 5 mm length—from smallest to largest. In most cases, the next size will be 5 or 10 mm larger or smaller. This means if the belt you’re looking for is sold out, you can usually use the next closest belt in its place—and you won’t miss the sale.