How do you use the Behringer X32 digital mixer?

How do you use the Behringer X32 digital mixer?

Connect your device to the wireless network and launch the X32 Mix (iPad) or Edit (PC/Mac) app.

  1. X32 Mix: Upon launch, enter the X32’s IP address and press CONNECT.
  2. X32 Edit: Click SETUP and select the Connection tab. Click RESCAN, select the X32, and then click CONNECT.

What is the difference between Behringer X32 compact and producer?

X32 Producer is more compact, and therefore is rack-mountable. Smaller screen 5” vs 7” TFT screen. No mute groups buttons, but you can still use mute groups via XControl, as well as you can assign any mute group button to any of the eight assignable buttons on the console.

How do I connect my Behringer X32 to my computer?

Recording X32 to a computer

  1. Connect the X32 to your computer via USB. Windows users will first need to install the latest driver available from Behringer.
  2. Launch your DAW and select the X32 as the audio input/output device.
  3. Create tracks in your DAW and assign each input to the correct input channel.

How many Aux does X32 have?

6 channels
Inputs. All of the X32 family has the ability to adjust 38 channels of inputs. That is broken into 32 channels of XLR and 6 channels of Aux.

Where does Uli Behringer live?

Initially, subcontractors were engaged to produce the equipment. By 1997 Uli Behringer had relocated to Hong Kong to better supervise manufacturing quality.

Is the X32 compact rack mountable?

About Behringer X32 PRODUCER. The Behringer X32 PRODUCER 40-Input, 25-Bus Rack-Mountable Digital Mixing Console provides a wealth of features in a compact design, ideal for professional live and recording applications.

What is the difference between X32 and X32 compact?

As the name suggests, the X32 Compact is the same product as the X32 in terms of software, connectivity, and usability. The differences lie in the number of channels, mic inputs, main outputs, and faders.