How do you use astonishing in a sentence?

How do you use astonishing in a sentence?

Astonishing sentence example. His memory was astonishing , his energy indefatigable. We have looked at the astonishing possibilities afforded by genomics. She watched him fight, his speed astonishing her.

What does astonishing mean example?

: causing a feeling of great surprise or wonder : surprising an astonishing discovery.

What is the example of astonished?

I was astonished by the amount he could eat. I was astonished at his stupidity. They were astonished to see a police car with flashing lights pull up outside their home. She was astonished to hear him speak English.

What is the adjective of astonishing?

adjective. /əˈstɒnɪʃɪŋ/ /əˈstɑːnɪʃɪŋ/ ​very surprising; difficult to believe synonym amazing.

Can astonished be used negatively?

I was astonished at the lack of respect Joe showed to his parents. Here, the lack of respect towards one’s parents is the negative part, but astonished is neutral, not negative.

Is astonishing a compliment?

Sixties Mod To me, “astonishing” implies a certain element of disbelief. It can be used as a synonym for “amazing” either in a positive or negative way, but although it sounds an odd choice of word to me here I would take it as a compliment.

Is Astonishly a word?


What is this word astonished?

Definition of astonished : feeling or showing great surprise or wonder : astounded, amazed … she awoke the next day astonished to find that she suffered no ill effects.—

What type of word is astonishingly?

In an astonishing manner; so as to surprise or astonish.

What is the opposite word for astonish?

Opposite of astonished, taken aback. unaffected. unmoved. uninterested. unconcerned.

Can astounded be used negatively?

Astounded often denotes a positive feeling, but it CAN be negative. It is a very strong word.