How do you turn off animations in Second Life?

How do you turn off animations in Second Life?

Go to Me menu > Movement > Stop Animating Me.

How do you stop your head from moving in Second Life?

Well, in the Firestorm viewer all you need to do is go to Preferences >>> Firestorm >>> Avatarand set both sliders for avatar head movement to Zero.

How do you sit on firestorm?

Force Ground Sit (Ctrl Alt S): This forces your avatar into a ground sit regardless of where your avatar is. Movelock (Ctrl-Alt-P): When enabled, will lock your avatar in place so it cannot be pushed.

How do I enable advanced menu in Firestorm?

Show Advanced Menu: Adds the Advanced menu to the top (menu) bar. (Use at own risk!) May also be achieved with Ctrl-Alt-D.

How do I stop firestorm always running?

To disable RLV , go to Preferences → Firestorm -> Extras, untick Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls at the top, click OK and then relog.

How do you debug a firestorm?

Debug settings are accessed, in Firestorm, from the Advanced menu. If you cannot see this menu in the menu bar, Enable it via World menu → Shortcut → Advanced menu. Alternately, you can bring up debug settings by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S. Use the nav bar above to view the debug settings per category.

How do I hide my interface on Firestorm viewer?

Press Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-D to make the Advanced menu appear. Then go to ‘Rendering’, unclick ‘Show UI’. That will make all the UI disappear.

How do you hide the HUD Black Dragon?

Hide/Show Hud To make the whole HUD disappear, you can either use a shortcut or through the advanced menu: Press “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D” to make the Advanced menu appear. Go to “Rendering”, unclick “Show UI”

How do I disable camera constraints in Firestorm?

Disable camera constraints: Allows you to move your camera further away from your avatar, and allows you to cam underground. (Same as top menu bar → Advanced → Disable camera constraints.)

How do you zoom in on firestorm?

Zoom: In real world terms this is a Zoom feature. This will change the field of view in your viewer window. It is the same as hitting Ctrl+0 or Ctrl+8.