How do you block text messages on a BlackBerry?

How do you block text messages on a BlackBerry?

Block messages or spam Open the BlackBerry Hub or Text Messages app. Press the Menu key and tap Settings > Text Messages > MMS. Tap the Reject Anonymous Messages switch to turn on or off.

How do you block text messages on a BlackBerry priv?

Select “Options” from the Home screen. Select “Security” followed by “Firewall”. In the General section, if the Enable check box is not selected, select it. In the Block Incoming Messages section, select one or more message types.

How can I block SMS?

Here’s how to block unwanted texts on your Android phone:

  1. Step 1: Open your messaging app and find the text you want to block. Then, select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap the Block number option and confirm your decision in the pop-up.

How do you block a number on BlackBerry?

How to set up call blocking (call rejections) on my BlackBerry smartphone

  1. Touch Apps. Images may not be exactly as shown.
  2. Scroll to and touch Phone.
  3. Touch the Menu icon.
  4. Touch Settings.
  5. Touch Call blocking.
  6. To add a phone number to the block list: touch ADD A NUMBER.
  7. Enter the phone number.
  8. Touch BLOCK.

How do I unblock someone on my BlackBerry?

Unblock a BBM contact

  1. Open BBM.
  2. Swipe down from the top.
  3. Tap Blocked Contacts and Feeds.
  4. Touch and hold the contact till the right side menu appears, then let go.
  5. Tap Remove.
  6. Tap the back button to exit the menu.

Why can someone still text me if I blocked them?

When you block a contact, their texts go nowhere. The person whose number you’ve blocked won’t receive any sign that their message to you was blocked; their text will simply sit there looking as though it were sent and not yet delivered, but in fact, it will be lost to the ether.

How do I block a number on my BlackBerry Keyone?

From the home screen, select the Phone app > Menu icon > Settings > Call blocking > ADD A NUMBER > enter the desired number > select BLOCK. Select the desired number, then select Block number. Note: You will be prompted to select BLOCK to confirm.

Can you block text messages but not phone calls?

Fortunately, you don’t need a special message blocker to do so; you can block texts on iPhone and Android using settings built-in to those devices. When you block a number to stop getting texts from it, you’re also preventing phone calls.

Can you block someone from texting you?

Follow these steps to block a number from texting you: Open the Messages app. Open the conversation with the person you want to block. Tap the More icon. Select Block number.

Can I send SMS to someone who blocked me?

How do I send text message if I’m blocked? You cannot. That person has shut off all communication from your number through their phone.