How do I reset my AEG hob?

How do I reset my AEG hob?


  1. Deactivate and activate the hob. After light animation, when “F” reappears, touch “||” and then within 3 seconds. When you see “0” the fault is reset.
  2. Make sure that the crown and the flame cap are correctly positioned, and clean the metal part of the flame safety device.
  3. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

What does the P mean on my AEG induction hob?

PowerBoost setting
Resolution: 1. The P appearing on your induction hob refers to the PowerBoost setting which allows you to activate or deactivate the maximum heat setting. When you choose P the maximum heat setting remains active for 10 minutes, after which the temperature returns to the previously set value.

How do you turn on a touch screen stove?

To switch the stove on, touch the ON/OFF symbol for a few seconds. Two zeros are lit now, one for the top plate and one for the bottom plate. After about 30 seconds of inactivity, the stove switches itself off. Adjust the power by touching the symbols + and – for the respective plate.

Why is my AEG induction hob not working?

The hob is not connected to an electrical supply or it is connected incorrectly….Resolution:

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
You cannot activate or operate the hob. The fuse is blown. Make sure that the fuse is the cause of the malfunction. If the fuse is blown again and again, contact a qualified electrician.

Why is my electric hob not working?

Why is my AEG hob flashing F?

The message “F” shows continuously – indicates a connection fault or missing phase.

What does a mean on AEG hob?

The function sets the highest heat setting for some time and then decreases to the correct heat setting. For more information refer to your user manual. Book a repair. Book a repair. Spare parts & Accessories.

Are AEG induction hobs any good?

Given the amount of cooking power (7.35Kw) and useful tech it offers, this flagship AEG is outstanding value and well worth considering if you need something more versatile. It’s a great looker, too. Some professional chefs aren’t fans of induction hobs and much prefer the freedom of a gas flame.

Do you have manuals available for AEG hobs?

Below you can find all models AEG Hobs for which we have manuals available. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Is your model not on the list? Please contact us. Is your product defective and the manual offers no solution? Go to a Repair Café for free repair services.

Can you put a saucepan on a ceramic hob?

Page 16 Do not slide saucepans across the surface of the hob – always lift the pan when placing it on, or removing it from the ceramic surface. Wipe the bottom surface of the pots and pans with a clean dry cloth before placing them on the ceramic surface.

What should I never use to clean a ceramic glass Hob?

Never use metal wool, metal sponges or other abrasive cleaning agents. The ceramic glass hob Immediately scrape off stains caused by food which has boiled over using the scraper supplied with the hob, spilled sugar, dishes containing sugar (jam, juice, etc.), melted plastic and…

Why does my electric HOB have a different plug?

Many electric hobs (both ceramic and induction) have a different plug. This is because these appliances require a lot of power. Have the installation of the appliance done by a professional. Why does the ignition on my range make a clicking sound?