Who won WGI 2016?

Who won WGI 2016?

Wanderlust—The Pride of Cincinnati completed its 2016 WGI journey with its fifth gold medal. Guard members performed around and on top of six abstract spinning compass points on the floor, making flawless tosses and catches even while being spun around on the dials.

Who won WGI Percussion 2017?

Rise Percussion from Denver scored 96.388 to capture the silver medal while Freedom Percussion from St. Louis received the bronze with a score of 94.138.

Who won WGI Percussion 2019?

Rhythm X
Rhythm X won this class for four out of five years. Its score of 96.600 surpassed second-place STRYKE Wynds from Palm Beach, Florida, with a score of 93.025, and third-place UTRGV Winds from Edinburg, Texas, with a score of 92.300.

Where is Pulse Percussion located?

Pulse Percussion is an independent world class indoor percussion ensemble. Based in Westminster, California, the ensemble competes in Winter Guard International (WGI) and Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) events.

Will there be WGI this year?

Today WGI Sports of the Arts is announcing the cancellation of in-person events for the 2021 season. We had hoped to use this upcoming season as a beacon of healing after the abrupt and challenging end to the 2020 season.

What does WGI stand for?

Winter Guard International
Winter Guard International

Black and white logo
Abbreviation WGI
Region United States
Executive Director Ron Nankervis
President Ed Devlin

What is a WGI?

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What does Pulse Percussion mean?

Pulse Percussion is a youth-arts organization dedicated to providing students the highest level of performance and development opportunities through multiple musical channels including competitive indoor percussion ensembles, educational clinics and other outreach activities nationwide.