Who won the WRC in 2001?

Who won the WRC in 2001?

Richard Burns
The 2001 World Rally Championship was the 29th season of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). In a tightly contested year, Subaru’s Richard Burns took his first and only drivers’ world title, beating Ford’s Colin McRae, Mitsubishi’s Tommi Mäkinen and the defending champion Marcus Grönholm of Peugeot.

What happened to the RAC Rally?

Following Lombard’s withdrawal of sponsorship after nineteen years, the rally became known as the Network Q RAC Rally and later, the Network Q Rally of Great Britain. The rally has moved its operational base to Cardiff and competitive stage mileage is concentrated in Wales.

What does the RAC Rally stand for?

Roger Albert Clark
Sadly, the RAC Rally with it’s UK wide route is no longer a WRC event. However, the RAC Rally is in fact still out there. And it’s still great fun. These days, the RAC part stands for Roger Albert Clark, the man who made Ford Escorts and muddy forests as fashionable as Cossack hair products.

How long is the RAC Rally?

In an age of compact itineraries, the 2021 RAC Rally route bucked the trend by stretching over five days, the competitive special stages alone amounting to 313 miles (504km). That made it 50% longer than Rally Portugal, the longest event on the 2021 World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar.

How old was Richard Burns?

34 years (1971–2005)
Richard Burns/Age at death

Is Richard Burns still alive?

Deceased (1971–2005)
Richard Burns/Living or Deceased

Who won the RAC?

Ryan Champion has become the first non-Ford Escort driver to win the Roger Albert Clark Rally by winning the epic five-day event in 2021 with a Porsche 911.

Who won the Rally GB?

Sébastien Ogier seals surprise success at Rally Italia Sardegna. Reigning champion Sébastien Ogier headed a Toyota Yaris 1-2 finish on the Mediterranean island’s punishing rock-strewn gravel roads to claim his third win of the season.

Why do all rally cars look the same?

Rally car is at first glance the same as a regular car, but actually, the only common thing is the bodyshell, which is the base for constructing a rally car. Every modification made and every part installed needs to comply with regulations in order to achieve homologation and be able to compete on rallies.

What happened to Colin McRae’s wife?

Alison McRae made her call at a fatal accident inquiry into a helicopter crash which killed her husband and five-year-old son Johnny. They died along with Ben Porcelli, six, and 37-year-old Graeme Duncan when the aircraft flown by Mr McRae crashed near his home in Lanark in September 2007.

Is Richard Burns alive?

Who was Richard Burns co driver?

Robert Reid
Robert Reid (born 17 February 1966) is a retired British rally co-driver who partnered Richard Burns to victory in the 2001 World Rally Championship….Robert Reid (co-driver)

Personal information
Born 17 February 1966
World Rally Championship record
Active years 1991–2003
Teams Subaru, Mitsubishi, Peugeot

What was the name of the rally in 2007?

Manfred Stohl driving a Citroën Xsara WRC at the 2007 Rally GB. The Wales Rally GB is the largest and most high-profile motor rally in the United Kingdom. It is a round of the FIA World Rally Championship and was formerly a round of the MSA British Rally Championship and is based in North Wales.

When was the first rally held in the UK?

The inaugural event was the 1932 Royal Automobile Club Rally, which was the first major rally of the modern era in Great Britain. Of the 367 crews entered, 341 competitors in unmodified cars started from nine different towns and cities (London, Bath, Norwich, Leamington, Buxton, Harrogate, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh.)

What is the Rally World Championship?

For many years the rally has traditionally been the last round of the World Championship, and therefore has staged many famous down-to-the-wire showdowns. Until 1989 the event was held without crews performing reconnaissance runs through the route beforehand. From 1990 onwards the format which is now standard in international rallying was adopted.

What is the record for most wins in Rally GB?

The record for most victories is currently five, won by Sébastien Ogier (2013–2016, 2018), who surpassed Finnish Hannu Mikkola (1978–79, 1981–82) and Norwegian Petter Solberg (2002–2005). Though, last time a Nordic driver won Rally GB, was in 2012 ( Jari-Matti Latvala ).