Who is Mick Carter dad in EastEnders?

Who is Mick Carter dad in EastEnders?

Dean Wicks
Mick Carter/Father

Andrew “Buster” Briggs is the father of Mick Carter and Dean Wicks and grandfather of Lee, Nancy, Johnny, Frankie, Jade and Ollie.

Who is Danny Dyer’s Wife in EastEnders?

Joanne Masm. 2016
Danny Dyer/Wife

Is it the same Nancy Carter?

Nancy Carter is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Maddy Hill. On February 8 2021, it was announced that Hill would reprise her role and returned on 13 April 2021.

Who are the Carter’s Family members?

1 Mick Carter (father: Andrew Briggs) Frankie Lewis (mother: Katy Lewis) Lee Carter (mother: Linda Carter) Jonathan Carter (mother: Linda Carter) Nancy Masood (mother: Linda Carter) Oliver Carter (mother: Linda Carter) 2 Jimbo Wicks (father: Kevin Wicks) 3 Dean Wicks (father: Andrew Briggs) Jade Green (mother: Shabnam Masood)

Who is the second generation of the Carter Family?

Second generation. A.P., Sara, and their children Joe and Janette recorded 3 albums in the 1950s under the name of The A.P. Carter Family. Mother Maybelle Carter and the Carter Sisters began using the name “the Carter Family” after the death of A.P.Carter in 1960 for their act during the 1960s and 1970s.

Who are the descendants of Maybelle Carter?

A project of descendants of the original Carter Family, John Carter Cash, grandson of Maybelle Carter, and Dale Jett, grandson of A.P. and Sara Carter, along with John’s then-wife Laura (Weber) Cash.

What happened to the Carter Family?

The Carter Family was among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire. Carlene Carter also was a member of a revised version. June Carter and her sisters were distant cousins of U.S. President Jimmy Carter. This family tree shows the extended Carter family back four generations.