Which is better 520d or 530d?

Which is better 520d or 530d?

The 530d has a 50% larger engine compared to the 520d without significant impact on fuel economy. The 530d is much quicker than the 520d but top speeds are not that different. But the price difference is really significant. Considering that you’re not going to drive the car on race-track, the 520d is a better choice.

Is BMW 520d a good car?

It’s extremely comfortable, refined, quiet and efficient. If you head onto A-roads, then it has an excellent ride and handling balance. We’ve driven a 540i, and we found the steering to be somewhat on the light side, but the 520d seems to be well judged in terms of weight.

Is BMW 520d F10?

No, the BMW F10 5 Series Sedan 520d is not All Wheel Drive (AWD). It’s Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)….

BMW F10 5 Series Sedan 520d Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Front Wheels Width : 8,0″
Rear Wheels Width : 8,0″
Curb Weight : 1695 kg OR 3737 lbs
Weight-Power Output Ratio : 9.2 kg/hp

What’s the difference between a 520d and 525d?

The post 2007 LCI are the detuned 30d. 530d is the one to go for. 520d at that age is not really anymore economical as it is using the older gearbox. 525d can be slightly worse as the gearing is different. I know someone who had a 525d auto from new for 3 years and did 220,000 miles in it and it was only just breaking 30mpg over that time.

What is the top speed of a BMW 520d?

BMW 520d vs 530d vs 540d vs M550d Acceleration and Top Speed. Depending on the drive concept and transmission, the maximum speed is between 232 and 238 km/h. BMW’s all-wheel drive xDrive system is also offered as an option. Next is the the 530d with its 2,993cc TwinPower Turbo diesel which develops a healthy 265hp at 4,000rpm,…

Should I get a 535d or a 530d?

So 530d or 535d it is for that car. 535d can often be the same price as a 530d, so don’t write those off. If you could be into a facelift (57 plate with the joystick style gearstick) I would consider a 520d, massive improvement and really good economy, the 525d got the 3 litre engine too, so more desirable.

Is the 2017 BMW 520d the best 5 Series engine?

The new 2017 BMW 520d is shaping up to be the best seller of the 5 Series in Germany and Europe. The 190 hp four-cylinder diesel B47 engine shows its qualities as an all-rounder in the new 5 Series and all the more likely to prove why it is one of the most important engines for BMW.