Where is the Dwight Schrute mural Scranton?

Where is the Dwight Schrute mural Scranton?

Capouse Avenue, Scranton
Scranton, PA (18503) Artist Mike Trovato painted a mural of the character Dwight Schrute from the former NBC sitcom “The Office” on a side wall of On&On, Capouse Avenue, Scranton. The retaining wall on the Central Scranton Expressway.

Where is the Electric City sign in Scranton?

The Electric City sign is located at the corner of Linden Street and Washington Avenue in downtown Scranton.

Where is the clock tower in The Office intro?

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Scranton, Pennsylvania: Paper Company Tower from The Office Northwest edge of downtown. From US-11/Mulberry St. turn north at the medical clinic onto Penn Ave. You’ll see the tower ahead, on the left.

Is there a real Dunder Mifflin in Scranton?

Scranton Business Park Located at 1725 Slough Avenue, the location of Scranton’s most viable business ventures – Dunder Mifflin, Vance Refrigeration, and others – doesn’t actually exist. Slough is actually the name of the town where the British Office takes place.

Who actually painted the mural in the office?

Pam Halpert
The mural was painted by Pam Halpert and is revealed in the Finale episode.

What time does the Scranton sign light up?

10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
The lights are flipped on every night at 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Why is Scranton PA in the office?

Scranton was picked because it was two hours from New York, ideal for a regional office of a Manhattan company. He also remembers a child’s Valentine card that said, “Made in Scranton.” Paper Magic Group, which makes greeting cards, Valentines and other seasonal products, is often confused for Dunder Mifflin.

Does The Office set still exist?

Dunder Mifflin Building And now, for the hero: The Dunder Mifflin Office! Sadly, the Scranton Business park is no longer, this building is now the Chandler Valley Center Studios.

Is there anything related to The Office in Scranton?

Unlike one of our other favorite shows, Parks & Recreation – another Greg Daniels/Michael Schur masterpiece – “The Office” is set in a real city: Scranton, Pennsylvania. Yep, that’s a real radio station in Scranton.

What was PAMS mural?

9 The Warehouse Mural She started out painting a mural of people turning trees into paper, but it was disfigured by a rude warehouse worker. Truth be told, her newer mural turned out much better. She painted the familiar and friendly faces that worked at Dunder Mifflin, and it was perfect.