WhatsApp for Business Enterprises in India

WhatsApp for Business Enterprises in India

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe and 200 million users in India. It is one of the most favored apps to communicate with each other. The app is widely used in India with people now calling others using the WhatsApp call instead of the regular method.

WhatsApp has launched an app for business enterprises to communicate and interact with users anywhere in the world. The app was launched in selected markets including India. Enterprises will have to get their phone number registered and validated with the app to send messages to users. Though, WhatsApp is free for use, the Business app is a paid version (free to download) and costs enterprises money to send messages.

This charge, when compared to the advantages it provides, can be termed as a cost-effective option. WhatsApp Business can be used as a communication and marketing tool by the enterprises. Sending notifications, providing customer support, promoting the business and staying in touch with customers round the clock are some of the advantages of using the app.

WhatsApp Business pricing in India and other countries have been structured in a way that businesses can make maximum out of the services. A business can send numerous messages for free providing-

  • The user sends a message first and the business replies to it.
  • The messages have to be sent within the first 24 hours after the message from a user is received.
  • Post the 24-hour window, the messages are charged.
  • Small businesses can still send one-to-one messages for free using the app.

WhatsApp Business can be used on mobile phones and web portals which makes it easier for enterprises to streamline their messaging system. The enterprises will have to use an API to connect with WhatsApp Business to program the sending of notifications, promotional messages, etc.

Many companies provide the API integration services and handle the platform by balancing the load, providing role-based access control, and 24*7 technical support. The API provided by these companies integrates the system and database of the enterprises to the app. This allows enterprises to send and receive messages in the form of text, images, audio and video files, and documents.

Enterprises can reduce the cost of call center calls and management by using WhatsApp Business. When customers use messaging services, there would be a reduction in the number of calls that have to be made. WhatsApp is fairly easy to use, which makes it a preferred option over voice calls.

Enterprises can set welcome messages and create bots with the help of the companies to send automated messages to users. Bots do the job of substituting the support staff when the staff is busy troubleshooting or working on another aspect. Moreover, the support staff doesn’t have to waste time responding to standard questions.

The bots will keep a customer engaged by sending an immediate reply and recording the message. This allows the support staff to check the messages received when during their non-working timings.

Send promotional messages about a product or service to users. Include high-quality pictures, video, or brochures and a link to the website in the message. Take orders directly from the chatbox and finalize transactions within minutes. The more enterprise can convert the conversations into successful transactions, the greater the sales would be.

Individual messages can be sent to each user and the messages are kept private and secure. The end to end encryption provides complete data security. This allows enterprises to send passwords and confidential information to users.

Any business enterprise can use the app to effectively communicate with users. From the banking and financial sector to the food industry to retail and healthcare, the app enables enterprises to all volumes to stay in touch with customers and expand the market share by trying innovative marketing and sales ideas using the app.

Customize the account by updating the display picture, the address, website, and email id of the enterprise along with the timings of the store and the list of products and services offered.