What is the price of Bullet 550cc?

What is the price of Bullet 550cc?

Starting at Rs 1.70 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi), the Classic 500 offers you a much more valuable package for the appeal it possesses. The Classic 500 is available in an all-new range of colours which include Classic Tan, Classic Black and Classic Silver.

What is the top speed of a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 30.5 ft-lb
Top speed 82 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 87 miles

How fast does a Royal Enfield go?

The 87 mph top speed means it is capable of keeping up with any and all legal traffic, but not without a few issues. Of course, that top speed is in dispute. Dealers say 70 is the top speed, but owners report no more than 75 mph downhill with a good tailwind.

Why was the 500 cc Bullet discontinued?

Another BS4-compliant 500cc motorcycle from RE that has been discontinued is the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Actually the 500cc engines were not able to meet the BS6 emission norms, thus the company decided to bid farewell to the models equipped with it.

Which Colour Royal Enfield is best?

Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6: Which Colour To Pick?

  • Stormrider Sand: The Signals Stormrider Sand paint scheme has a charm of its own, but is it really worth it?
  • Airborne Blue: Airborne Blue does make a compelling case for itself, unlike the previous livery.
  • Gunmetal Grey:
  • Chrome:
  • Stealth Black:

Can I buy Bullet 500?

Bullet 500 Questions And Answers Royal Enfield Bullet 500 has been discontinued and is not available for sale. …

Are Royal Enfield Bullets reliable?

It’s almost impossible to buy a bad motorcycle these days. They’re all packed to the rafters with modern technology, are ultra-reliable and more capable than ever before. It’s definitely not a good motorcycle, at least not mechanically anyway. …

Are Royal Enfield reliable?

The Royal Enfield Bullet/ Classic series of motorcycles is their bestselling model line in India and that’s mainly because they are robust and reliable, even in harsh weather conditions.

Which is the best Royal Enfield to buy?

Top 10 Royal Enfield Bikes in India You Can Buy in 2021

  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350.
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350.
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350x.
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X.
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan.
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.
  • Royal Enfield Continental GT650.
  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350.