What is the Nottingham accent like?

What is the Nottingham accent like?

“It’s tricky to describe if you’ve never heard it before, but it’s a bit of a blend of accents from surrounding counties including Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and even some Southern influences, such as the way we pronounce ‘down’ as ‘ dahn ‘.

How do people from Nottingham talk?

Speak In Nottingham To Me – A Beginner’s Guide To Nottingham’s Dialect

  • Ay up miduck! –
  • Allreet – Are you OK.
  • That’s animal – It’s good.
  • That’s sick – It’s good.
  • Tarrah thenn – Goodbye.
  • Ay-up yooth (to a man) or Ay-up midduk (to a lady or small child) – Good Morning/afternoon/ evening.

Does Nottingham have accents?

The accent and dialect of Nottingham is unique. There are dialect words and expressions which are specific to Nottinghamshire, but the accent changes slightly as you move around the county.

Is Nottingham more northern or southern?

Nottingham is officially more in The North than The South, according to our researchers.

What does Nesh mean in Nottingham?

unusually susceptible to cold weather
Nottingham element: Nesh Nesh is an English dialect adjective meaning ‘unusually susceptible to cold weather’ and there is no synonym for this use. It is embraced as a Nottingham word although usage has been recorded in Staffordshire, the East Midlands, Lancashire, North Wales, South Yorkshire and Shropshire.

What is Nottingham England known for?

Nottingham has links to the legend of Robin Hood and to the lace-making, bicycle, and tobacco industries. Nottingham is a tourist destination; in 2018, the city received the second-highest number of overnight visitors in the Midlands and the highest number in the East Midlands.

What’s Nottingham famous for?

What is Nottingham Most Famous For?

  • Start your day in the Castle Quarter.
  • Visit Wayne Manor at Wollaton Hall.
  • Watch the world’s oldest football league team play.
  • Must-See: Nottingham Cathedral.
  • Take the Nottingham Robin Hood Town Tour.
  • Get lost in the City of Caves.
  • Shop at The Exchange.
  • Must-See: Sherwood Forest.

What food is Nottingham famous for?

Nottinghamshire is renowned for Stilton cheese, pork pies and Bramley apples. But here’s our alternative guide to must-have food and drink in Nottingham. Get ready to tick them off the list…

How do you say hello in Nottingham?

When I moved to Nottingham in the 1970s I made these annotations on a selection of typical phrases used by local colleagues and neighbours….Nottingham colloquial translations to regular English.

Nottingham English
Ay-up Hello
Ay-up miduk Hello (usually, but not exclusively, to a female)
Ay-up yooth Hello (usually to a young male)

What does Neish mean?

Scottish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Naois ‘son of Naos’.