What is the exact location of the Reims Gueux circuit?

What is the exact location of the Reims Gueux circuit?

/  49.2540750°N 3.9305611°E  / 49.2540750; 3.9305611 The circuit Reims-Gueux was a Grand Prix motor racing road course, located in Gueux, 7.5 km (5 miles) west of Reims in the Champagne region of north-eastern France, established in 1926 as the second venue of the Grand Prix de la Marne.

What is Les Amis du Circuit de gueux?

Les Amis du Circuit de Gueux (a non-profit organization) is working to preserve the old pit building, grandstands and other remaining structures of the circuit and actively support historic meetings which use the 1952 Circuit d’Essais. ^ “Reims-Gueux”. Retrieved 4 January 2022.

What is the history of Formula 1 in France?

Motor racing started in 1926 with the second Grand Prix de la Marne, relocating the race from the square-shaped 22 km Circuit de Beine-Nauroy east of Reims to Reims-Gueux, west of Reims.

What is the history of the Circuit de Reims?

For 1952, the track was re-configured to bypass Gueux via the (then) new D26 section, shortening the circuit from 7.826 km (4.863 mi) to 7.152 km (4.444 mi) after which it was renamed “Circuit de Reims” or commonly referred to simply as “Reims”.

When was the first French Grand Prix at Reims-Gueux?

In 1938 the French Grand Prix returned to the Champagne region and in 1939 was the last pre-war French Grand Prix at Circuit Reims-Gueux. The first event after World War Two was in 1947 and the first pos-war Grand Prix at Circuit Reims-Gueux was in 1950, which was also the first year of the Formula One World Championship.

What happened to the Gueux circuit?

Originally a part of the circuit ran trough the village of Gueux. In 1952 a start was made to change the trajectory, which was carried out in two phases. From 1952 the section through Gueux was short cut by a new section. Just before the village was a new corner “Courbe de Gueux”. A little further the new road closed to the old section.

When did Formula 1 start at Reims-Gueux?

Racing at Reims-Gueux resumed in 1947 with the 16th Grand Prix de Reims, effectively ending the Grand Prix de la Marne series except for a last edition in 1952. 1948 and 1949 saw the first Formula 1 cars at Reims-Gueux for two non-championship rounds.