What haplogroup is R1b?

What haplogroup is R1b?

R1b is a subclade within the “macro-haplogroup” K (M9), the most common group of human male lines outside of Africa.

Where did J2 haplogroup come from?

Origins. Haplogroup J2 is thought to have appeared somewhere in the Middle East towards the end of the last glaciation, between 15,000 and 22,000 years ago. The oldest known J2a samples at present were identified in remains from the Hotu Cave in northern Iran, dating from 9100-8600 BCE (Lazaridis et al.

Is R1b African?

Surprisingly, the R1b haplogroup is found in some black African tribes at high frequency. This is the case of the Hausa tribe of Sudan. The tribe reached 40.6% in a study of 32 samples, according to American Journal of Physical Anthropology. It’s a completely different subcalde from what is found in Europe.

How common is R1b haplogroup?

R1b haplogroup in Western Europe R1b is the most numerous branch in Western Europe today, with as many as 3 out of 5 males being a member of its prolific subbranch R-M269. Another well-recognized hotspot is also found east of the Baltic Sea, and then scattered low frequency in other far-flung areas in Asia and Africa.

What haplogroup is black?

In agreement with the published data (Ely et al., 2006; Salas et al., 2004) our study found that L2a is the most common haplogroup among African Americans.

How common is haplogroup J2?

Haplogroup J2 is found mainly in the northern Fertile Crescent, the Mediterranean (including Southern Europe and North Africa), the Iranian plateau and Central Asia., in Greece and Italy and Balkan]], and more frequently in Kurdistan 28% of the population (semino et al),Iraq 25% of the population,, in Lebanon 25% of …

What is Haplogroup R1b?

Haplogroup R1b ( R-M343 ), previously known as Hg1 and Eu18, is a human Y-chromosome haplogroup . It is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia (e.g. the Bashkir minority) and pockets of Central Africa (e.g. parts of Chad and among the Chadic-speaking minority ethnic groups of Cameroon ).

What is the J2 haplogroup?

The J2 subclade is highest in Anatolia and prominent in Mesopotamia and the Levant – all areas that served as centers of agricultural revolution. J2 is common among Turkish, Kurdish and Jewish populations and significant frequencies are found in the Caucasus, Iran, and Southcentral Asia. TMRCA estimates for this haplogroup range from 4-15kya.

When did haplogroup R1b-M269 first appear in Europe?

Olalde et al. (2017) trace the spread of haplogroup R1b-M269 in western Europe, particularly Britain, to the spread of the Beaker culture, with a sudden appearance of many R1b-M269 haplogroups in Western Europe ca. 5000–4500 years BP during the early Bronze Age. In the 2016 Nature article “The genetic history of Ice Age Europe”.

What is haplogroup K2b called?

^ Haplogroup K2b (M1221/P331/PF5911) is also known as Haplogroup MPS. ^ Haplogroup K2e (K-M147) was previously known as “Haplogroup X” and “K2a” (but is a sibling subclade of the present K2a). ^ K-M2313*, which as yet has no phylogenetic name, has been documented in two living individuals, who have ethnic ties to India and South East Asia.