What episode is Ore no Monogatari?

What episode is Ore no Monogatari?

My Christmas
My Christmas (俺のクリスマス, Ore no Kurisumasu) is the 17th episode of Ore Monogatari anime….Episode 17.

My Christmas
Kanji 俺のクリスマス
Romaji Ore no Kurisumasu
Air Date July 30, 2015
Episode Direction Mizumoto Hazuki, Yokota Ippei

Is Ore Monogatari a Monogatari series?

(俺物語!!, My Love Story!!) is a TV series, produced by Madhouse and based on the manga Ore Monogatari (manga) series written by KAWAHARA Kazune and illustrated by Aruko….Ore Monogatari (anime)

Title: 俺物語!!, My Love Story!!
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance / Shoujo / Slice of Life

Does Ore Monogatari have dub?

Sentai Filmworks announced on Tuesday that it will offer an English dub for the My Love Story!! ( Ore Monogatari!! )

Does SUNA like Yukika?

Yukika Amami (天海悠紀華, Amami Yukika) is a childhood friend of Takeo Gouda and Makoto Sunakawa who is mostly known because of her genuine crush for Sunakawa, which he wasn’t aware of in the past.

Does Makoto like Yamato?

Rinko Yamato The two seem to share a close friendship in part due to their close relationship to Takeo Gouda. He helped set up Yamato and Takeo as a couple and cares for the two very much.

How old is Yamato?

Appearance. Yamato is a rather tall 28-year-old young woman, being twice Luffy’s height.

Is my love story on Netflix?

Watch My Love Story!! Netflix.

Who does AI Sunakawa end up with?

Takeo Gouda It’s revealed that she has been in love with him for a long time, ever since Takeo was in third grade.

Who does Takeo end up with?

Rinko Yamato
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Takeo Gouda (Boyfriend) Makoto Sunakawa (Friend) Nanako (Friend)
Occupation High school student