What does Emily need treatment for PLL?

What does Emily need treatment for PLL?

After almost three weeks of Season 6b episodes, Tuesday night’s “The Gloves Are On” revealed that Emily’s donating her eggs on Pretty Little Liars because she’s broke. So all of those needles and “treatments” she’s been getting are to prepare her to donate.

What is the secret in PLL?

So, we finally now know who A is. Pretty Little Liars unleashed its biggest secret yet in last night’s US episode, revealing that the Liars’ tormentor is none other than CeCe Drake, played by recurring star Vanessa Ray.

Did Emily take steroids PLL?

A scene from the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” Big Plot Points to Remember: Emily’s got an ulcer, and it’s connected to the pain she’s been having, and her panels show she’s been taking steroids. Props to those who called the drug injection from last week into Emily’s pain cream!

What illness does Emily fields have?

2: Emily has something cancer-y. Here’s what we do know: Emily has been receiving “treatments,” both in California and in Rosewood.

Is Ezra good or bad?

Trivia. Despite serving as one of the main antagonists of the fourth season, Ezra is an anti-villain, as he was only stalking the girls for his book. Having said that, fans (and even the Liars) suspected that he was A due to his actions in Season 4B, even though he was in no way associated with A.

Where is Pretty Little Liars based?

Rosewood, Pennsylvania
The hit television series Pretty Little Liars is set in the fictional city of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. However, outside of the pilot (which was shot in Vancouver), filming takes place almost entirely at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.

Did Jamie steal from the church PLL?

Caleb’s dad is set-up. The church fires Jamie (Caleb’s dad) after they suspect him of stealing $8,000 from the church. He allegedly sold the old bell from the bell tower to make some money. As we learn at the end of the episode, it was all part of A’s plan!

How old was Sasha Pieterse in season 1 of PLL?

1. Sasha Pieterse was 12 years old when she landed the role of Alison DiLaurentis. It’s been alluded to in interviews that she got a little thrifty with her age in order to actually get the part, and by the time the PLL bigwigs realised how old she really was, she’d already shot the pilot. VERY Alison of her.

What illness does Emily have in PLL?