What books are on AR test?

What books are on AR test?

Ar Test Books

  • Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3) Tahereh Mafi.
  • The Rest of the Story (Hardcover)
  • Five Feet Apart (ebook)
  • Imagine Me (Shatter Me, #6)
  • Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5)
  • Restore Me (Shatter Me, #4)
  • A ​Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #4)
  • The Hate U Give (The Hate U Give, #1)

What is the easiest AR book?

5 Points For Ar Books

  • The Life of Me: Enter at Your Own Risk (Hank Zipzer #14)
  • Projekt 1065: A Novel of World War II (Hardcover)
  • Molly’s Story (A Dog’s Purpose Puppy Tales)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket, #1)
  • Bailey’s Story (A Dog’s Purpose Puppy Tales)
  • Charlotte’s Web (Paperback)

Is there an AR quiz?

Searching for books with a corresponding Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360® quiz is easy with Accelerated Reader Bookfinder®.

What AR level is Harry Potter?


ATOS Book Level: 5.5
Series: Harry Potter;

How do I test my childs AR level?

Teachers or librarians determine your child’s reading level in one of three ways: a Renaissance Star Reading® test, a grade equivalent score from a standardized test, or using their best professional judgment based on their knowledge of your child.

What are some 8 Point AR books?

Ar 8 Points Or Higher Books

  • Last Chance (Robyn Hunter, #1)
  • The Comet’s Curse (Galahad, #1)
  • No God but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam (Kindle Edition)
  • India Dark (Paperback)
  • The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine, #1)
  • Steelheart (The Reckoners, #1)
  • The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)
  • Rebecca (ebook)

How many AR points is Harry Potter?


ATOS Book Level: 5.5
AR Points: 12.0
Rating: Not yet rated.
Word Count: 77508
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction

What is the highest AR reading level?


  • Kindergarten: 0.1 – 0.9.
  • 1st Grade: 1.0 – 1.9.
  • 2nd Grade: 2.0 – 2.9.
  • 3rd Grade: 3.0 – 3.9.
  • 4th Grade: 4.0 – 4.9.
  • 5th Grade: 5.0 – 5.9.
  • 6th Grade: 6.0 – 6.9.

How to cheat on an AR test?

Best ways to cheat on a test – sleight of hand and calmness Along with luck, you should be calm and a bit trained. It is easy to spot a student who nervously hides something under the desk or in the sleeve or somewhere else.

What are the AR book reading levels?

Accelerated Reader Levels by Color Light Blue Level .1-1.5 Light Green 1.6-2.0 Bright Orange 2.1-2.5 Yellow 2.6-3.0 Pink 3.1-3.5 Red 3.6-4.0 Orange 4.1-4.5 Dark Blue 4.6-5.0 Dark Green 5.1-6.9 Black 7.0+. You can search for more selections here on arbookfind.com and there is another resource here with lists of books at each level,.

What is an AR Book?

AR Books are physical or digital copies of traditional books, both text and illustrations, that are then linked to additional, non-traditional content through the use of technology.

What is an AR reading test?

Accelerated Reader , better known as AR, is a trademarked program in which students are awarded points for reading a book and scoring well on a quiz about that book. Most schools require that you take your AR tests in the classroom, because the school has to buy the quizzes and ensure that students don’t look at the book to answer a question.