What are nodes PeopleSoft?

What are nodes PeopleSoft?

A node is a source of HTML content. A node is a URL string that defines the entire database and server. It is used when the portal servlet attempts to retrieve content, whether internal PeopleSoft content or external references, and assemble pages.

What is integration broker in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Integration Broker is a middleware technology that: Performs asynchronous and synchronous messaging among internal systems and third-party systems. Exposes PeopleSoft business logic as web services to PeopleSoft and third-party systems.

How do I set up an integration broker?

To configure the Integration Broker gateway and target nodes:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Network > Configuration Status.
  2. Click the Gateway Not Configured link.
  3. Configure the integration gateway:
  4. Click the Gateway Setup Properties link.
  5. Log in on the Gateway Properties page.

Does PeopleSoft have an API?

The API is a collection of Java class files that reside on the client system and mediate between the client application layer and PeopleSoft. Before using your component interface, you must apply security to it and test it. The Build PeopleSoft API Bindings dialog prompts you for the types of bindings to create.

How do I set up an integration broker in PeopleSoft?

Configuring Integration Broker in PeopleSoft 8.4

  1. Ensure that the message is active and is routed to the proper Message Channel.
  2. Configure the Message Channel.
  3. Configure the IntegrationGateway.
  4. Configure the Integration Gateway and File Output connector.
  5. Create and configure a new Gateway node.

What is PeopleSoft awe?

The Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is the engine that provides the framework and capabilities for creating, running, and managing approval processes. The engine uses a series of database objects combined with application component configuration settings to determine how to process approvals using workflow.

How do I generate a JSON REST API in PeopleSoft?

The steps required to create an HTTP GET REST web service are the following:

  1. Build a “Template” document object.
  2. Create a new message that links the template document to a message.
  3. Create your response message which structures your response.
  4. Create a REST Service.
  5. Create your Service Operation.

How do I create a workflow in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Workflow Technology Implementation

  1. Step One: Design a Workflow Application.
  2. Step Two: Build Supporting Definitions.
  3. Step Three: Create Workflow Maps.
  4. Step Four: Define Roles and Role Users.
  5. Step Five: Define Worklist Records.
  6. Step Six: Define Workflow Objects.
  7. Step Seven: Define Event Triggers.
  8. Step Eight: Test.

What is set up approval?

Business analysts use the Setup Process Definition page to define an approval definition process. The process is made up of stages and their paths and steps. The approval steps that you place on the approval path represent the approval levels that are required for a transaction.

How do I use REST API in PeopleSoft?

What is workflow in Peoplesoft?

Workflow programs are defined in a record definition for one of the tables that the component accesses. They contain the business rules used to decide whether to trigger the business event. The PeopleCode detects when a business rule has been triggered and determines the appropriate action.

What is workflow event in Peoplesoft?

As you define workflow processes, you identify the application pages that trigger business events. Then you must add PeopleCode programs to the pages so that they actually trigger the events. The PeopleCode detects when a business rule has been triggered and determines the appropriate action.

How does PeopleSoft integration broker work with pure Internet Architecture?

When a PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture node receives a service operation, PeopleSoft Integration Broker extracts the distinguished name from the certificate and validates it against the sending node’s distinguished name retrieved from the default local node’s keystore.

What is a PeopleSoft Integration Gateway?

On each PeopleSoft Integration Broker system in your configuration, you must specify a local integration gateway. The local gateway is the application’s first point of contact with other PeopleSoft applications, third-party systems, PeopleSoft Integration Broker hubs, and remote gateways.

How do I configure PeopleSoft nodes?

Enter a default target node in the Gateway Default App Server group box and the local target node in the PeopleSoft Nodes group box. This example illustrates the fields and controls on the PeopleSoft Node Configuration page.

How do I configure PeopleSoft to support feed publishing?

To use the Feed Publishing Framework, you must first configure your PeopleSoft system to support feed publication and consumption. Select PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Network > Configuration Status.