Was Joseph Zaharoff Jewish?

Was Joseph Zaharoff Jewish?

So Zaharoff may or may not have been Jewish, but we will never know because in his old age, in 1927, he sat in his chateau in Paris – almost certainly acquired by dubious means – and systematically burned 58 years’ worth of diaries and papers.

Did count Zaharoff spend £7K on a bigamous marriage to a heiress?

But the £7,000 pales into insignificance compared with Zaharoff’s other adventures, which appear to have included a bigamous marriage to a New York heiress and various deeply suspect “investment” projects in the US, where he sometimes styled himself Count Zaharoff.

Did Zaharoff help turn the course of the war?

The Glyn Mills papers show that between 1916 and early 1918, Zaharoff was shuttling between the Greek prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, and the Turkish leader Enver Pasha, offering each money to help turn the course of the war.

Who was Sir Basil Zaharoff?

Sir Basil Zaharoff, the arms dealer, one of the richest men in Europe, is seen on the streets of Monte Carlo, February 3, 1931. (AP Photo) LONDON — The British National Archives file marked as CAB301/116 looks innocuous enough at first glance.