Is reborn store legit?

Is reborn store legit?

There are positive reviews available on the website. Various customers recommend this website due to the high quality of the reborn dolls and excellent customer service. On the contrary, another customer mentioned that this site is a scam. She received the doll in a broken box and got no help from the company.

Can reborn babies go in water?

Full reborn doll body can enter into the water. The doll will come with outfits just like the picture. It will be a growth partners of your baby and the one of your family. Wish you love and take care of her (him).

Is AshtonDrake com legit?

AshtonDrake has a consumer rating of 1.89 stars from 18 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. AshtonDrake ranks 142nd among Baby sites.

Are there any cheap reborn baby dolls?

Cheap Realistic Baby Dolls Review Aori Reborn Baby Doll. The Aori Reborn Baby Doll is 18″ from head to toe and has a soft vinyl head, face and limbs. ENA Realistic Baby Boy Doll. The ENA Realistic Baby Boy Doll is absolutely adorable! Joymor Reborn Baby Doll. Dirance Lifelike Toddler Doll. Funny House Lifelike Baby Doll. iCradle Lifelike Baby Boy & Sleeping Girl Twins.

Where to buy reborn dolls?

1) AMAZON. Known as one of the best online shops in the world, Amazon provides numerous reborn doll kits which are ideal for artists. 2) EBAY. Vastly popular in the western world, eBay has lots of special categories where you can find almost any type of item. 3) ETSY. 4) TARGET.COM. 5) REBORNS.COM. 6) REBORN DOLLMART. 7) DOLLS SO REAL.

How much is a reborn baby doll?

How Much Are Reborn Dolls? The price range for an average reborn doll is $60 to $400 (USD). Custom dolls that have been made to resemble a specific baby are sold for more. Limited editions usually sell for a much higher price. In fact, the most expensive reborn ever sold went for $22,600 on eBay. This specific reborn doll was made by Romie Stryden who is an undisputed superstar reborn creator and has been making dolls since 1989.