How does Chelsea Academy work?

How does Chelsea Academy work?

The competition follows a knockout format, with extra-time played if the game is level after 90 minutes. Only those players in the Under-16, Under-17 or Under-18 age groups in the relevant season are eligible to participate.

How does a football academy work?

What exactly is an Academy? Academies are special training schemes set up by clubs to help them develop young players. Other League clubs run either Academies or Centres of Excellence, which are run along the same lines. Many non-league clubs also run their own development schemes or community projects.

What is a Category 1 football academy?

Category One Football Academies Category One status is extremely hard to achieve and takes real commitment from the club. Any football academies that have this status is a show of the quality of the coaching, equipment, facilities and strategic development that you can expect to find.

Where do Chelsea youth train?

Cobham Training Centre
The Cobham Training Centre, is the training ground of Chelsea Football Club located in the village of Stoke d’Abernon near the village of Cobham, Surrey.

Do academy footballers go to school?

Despite the fact that all academies are now offering education as part of their courses, while some even provide it for released players, this regularly revolves around sport. As a result, many players will still struggle to adapt to the real world after leaving their club.

Can I join a football academy at 18?

Normally one of the best ages to join an academy is around 13. As Pro Contracts can be given from the age of 16 and 18, is better to join before this age. However, every situation is different. You can always become a professional player regardless of what people tell you.

What is a Category 3 academy?

Category 3 academies, such as a club like League One’s Rochdale, will generally have even lower staffing levels. They will have an Academy Manager, an under-23s coach, and potentially a part time under-18s coach.

What is a Category 4 academy?

There are 4 categories of Academy. Category 1 to 3 Academies register players from the U9 age group through to professionals whereas the Category 4 model is a late development model operating from the U17 age group upwards. Category 1 is the highest status of Academy.

What age groups does Chelsea FC offer?

Chelsea FC operates a football academy for age groups Under-9 through to Under-23. In 2016, the Academy was awarded Category One status following an independent audit by the Premier League.

Who is the head of Youth Development at Chelsea?

Bath is the club’s head of youth development and Fraser is now the assistant head of youth development. Bath is described by some as the main man and brains of the Chelsea academy operation, has been with the club since 2002 when he was appointed assistant academy director and what is happening now is everything he has been working towards.

Is Chelsea’s youth revolution finally here?

Chelsea ‘s youth revolution is finally here – and has been a long time coming. For so long the most successful academy in the country, it is only in the last couple of seasons that the fruits of all that hard work being done behind the scenes at Chelsea is starting to show at first-team level.

Where are Chelsea’s under-18s playing in the Youth Cup?

Chelsea home games are generally played at Aldershot Town in the early rounds and Stamford Bridge later in the competition. The Under-18s, also colloquially referred to as the Youth Team, have participated in the Youth Cup every season since 1952 and have lifted the trophy on nine occasions.