How do you get Papa Grande?

How do you get Papa Grande?

Papa Grande is created when a pear is bounced fifty times before falling into buckets. The pear will grow into a large pear after hitting the pin.

How do you get a rainbow in Papa Pear Saga?

Wake up Pin: This pin is colorful and when you hit it, a bucket will light up with a rainbow ray, adding more points to your total. You can create this pin by shooting 7 Papas straight into a bucket. Grande Pin: The Grande Pin makes bigger, stronger Papa Pears and removes more pins than a normal Papa Pear.

What is Papa Pear Saga?

Papa Pear is a puzzle game brought to you by, the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. If you need help beating a level of Papa Pear Saga, our cheats, tips and strategy will help you pass all the challenging levels that you are stuck on!

How do I win levels in Papa Pear Saga?

In Papa Pear Saga there are Boosters that you unlock throughout the game that help you win levels. For example, early on you receive a Booster that will start you off with a Multiplier Pin if you decide to use it. You can also save your Boosters for especially hard levels, just make sure to uncheck the box before the start of a level.

How do you get points in Papa pears?

You get points every time your Papa Pear hits an object on its way down, with different objects netting you different points. Play continues until you’ve used all your Papa Pears and then your score is counted. You also have the ability to earn multipliers throughout a game, which increase the points you receive.

How do I Shoot my Papa Pear?

The only control is a click to shoot your Papa Pear. Angles affect how and in what direction your Papa Pear will go next, so keep this in mind as you aim. The game also shows you the initial direction your Papa Pear will go in once you shoot, which can be very helpful for tricky shots.