How do I update UOB Passbook?

How do I update UOB Passbook?

Update your passbook at selected UOB ATMs island-wide and stay on top of your monthly savings and expenses.

How many UOB ATMs are there?

There are more than 550 UOB ATM locations in Singapore from where you can withdraw cash. Use this UOB ATM locator to find your nearest UOB ATM. Also find UOB Branches in Singapore and United Overseas Bank Singapore SWIFT Codes.

How can I use UOB cash Deposit Machine?

Select the Deposit to Own Account option.

  1. Choose the account you would like to deposit your money to.
  2. Properly place your money in the slot of the deposit machine. Select the To continue option.
  3. Confirm the total amount of the cash deposited and select the Confirm option.
  4. Collect the receipt and your card.

Can I deposit cheque in UOB ATM?

Find your nearest branch Or get your banking done through any of our self-service banking machines, from ATMs to cash/cheque deposit machines. Our self-service machines are disinfected for your safety.

Can UOB withdraw from OCBC?

OCBC Bank and UOB Customers Now Enjoy Unlimited Fee-Free Cash Withdrawals on Both Banks’ Shared ATM Network.

Can I withdraw $2 from ATM?

Popular denominations such as $2, $10 and $50 are available at the Pop-up ATMs from 11 to 30 Jan 2022 (10am to 10pm daily) and 31 Jan 2022 (10am to 1pm).

Can I deposit cash without card UOB?

Deposit cash and update your passbook even without your ATM card. These ATMs not only allow you to withdraw cash, but perform CashCard top-ups, bill payments and so much more. Deposit cash and update your passbook even without your ATM card.

How does cash deposit machine work?

A Cash Deposit Machine is easy to use. All you need is your Debit Card or your bank account number. The machine prompts you for confirmation when you enter the account number before you deposit the currency notes. You will also be asked to enter your Debit Card PIN number.

Does UOB Cash Deposit Machine accept 2?

Selected machines do not accept S$2 and S$5 bill.

Where can I deposit my UOB Cheque?

(B) Saturday Branch Banking: Cash cheques can be en-cashed at the drawer’s bank.

How do I deposit a Cheque in UOB?

First thing first: Check the following details are filled in correctly:

  1. Double cross at the top left-hand corner of the cheque (means: cheque not meant to be encashed)
  2. Cross out the word “BEARER” (means: it’s meant for an intended party stated on the “Pay” line)
  3. Your full name as per bank record on the “Pay” line.

Can I use OCBC deposit machine UOB?