How do I claim unclaimed money in Florida?

How do I claim unclaimed money in Florida?

You can claim the money on your own, directly with our office, free of charge. Click here to search our database and print a claim form for any account(s) you believe you are entitled to claim. The unclaimed property program is a free service provided to you by the State of Florida.

Is FL Treasure Hunt Real?

Florida is holding a ‘treasure hunt’ worth millions. Florida said it paid out $323 million to residents last year. A variety of property can be claimed, most commonly refunds/credit balances, uncashed checks, life insurance benefits, stocks, bonds and items in safe deposit boxes.

How much does Florida have in unclaimed funds?

(WFLA) – Billions of dollars in unclaimed property is up for grabs in Florida, and some of it could be yours. The Florida Department of Financial Services has $2.5 billion in unclaimed money sitting in an account—more than $531 million of which belongs to Tampa Bay residents.

Can you claim an abandoned house in Florida?

All across Florida, there has been an increase in the use of Florida’s adverse possession laws to claim legal title to homes that have been left empty and abandoned in the ongoing Florida foreclosure fraud crisis.

Can you claim unclaimed money that isn’t yours in Florida?

What does the State do with the money before it is claimed? Unclaimed funds are deposited into the State School Fund and used to support public schools. However, the original amount reported can always be claimed by the owner, or his/her heirs, at no cost.

Is unclaimed money search legit?

One of the most popular scams is the unclaimed money email scam. The email would say that they will help you find your unclaimed money if you call a 1-809 number as fast as possible. Scammers could also say that they’ll search for the money for a fee or 15% of whatever they find.

How long does it take to get unclaimed money in Florida?

The unclaimed money department in Florida is allotted up to 90 days to process your claim. If they need more documentation, it may take longer. Even if they don’t need documentation, it may take longer, not much you can do there but wait.

Does the state of Florida owe you money?

The State of Florida is currently holding more than $2 billion in unclaimed money! This comes from a variety of dormant accounts from financial institutions, utility companies, insurance companies, and just about any other type of company you can think of.

How do I find unclaimed money in my name in Florida?

Head over to and plug in your info to search. One in five Floridians has unclaimed funds from a forgotten financial account, the state says, and it’s free to claim it.

How do you claim unclaimed money?

Contact the unclaimed property office in your state, or in the state where you are owed money. Especially if you have been contacted by a third party finer or locator who wants to charge you a percentage of the total you will gain.

How to claim unclaimed money?

Go to the right website. The process for claiming unclaimed money can vary by state.

  • Get your documents in order. If you’ve found missing money in your name and want to claim it,you’ll need to verify your identity.
  • File a claim. Once you’ve gone to the right website and have your documents ready,it’s time for the fun part: filing a claim so you can get
  • Wait for your check. Once you’ve found missing money and submitted your documentation either online or by snail mail,you have to wait for your check to arrive.
  • How to find unclaimed money?

    Go to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website.

  • Search your state insurance department’s database.
  • Check NAUPA’s “Other Sources For Unclaimed Property” tab to see if there are any other sources of lost money that you can claim.
  • Follow the steps to claim your money.
  • Consider hiring a professional asset detective.
  • How can I find unclaimed money?

    – Start your search for unclaimed money with your state’s unclaimed property office. – Search for unclaimed money using a multi-state database. Perform your search using your name, especially if you’ve moved to another state. – Verify how to claim your money. Each state has its own rules about how you prove that you’re the owner and claim the money.