Does richer sounds own Cambridge Audio?

Does richer sounds own Cambridge Audio?

However, Richer Sounds does not own Audio Partnership or Cambridge Audio, and Audio Partnership regional offices or other distributors are responsible for the sale of Audio Partnership products outside of the UK.

Which is better NAD or Cambridge Audio?

It has much better defined bass, as well. The Cambridge is a bit warmer (although I would charecterize both lines as “warm”), but the ends of the audio spectrum is a bit rolled off with the Cambridge amps. The Cambridge is more relaxed and laid back, the NAD is more involving.

Why do expensive amplifiers sound better?

A bigger investment means more (and better) amplification. Once you know what kind of speakers you’re going to use, you need to choose an amplifier that is going to properly drive them. Higher-quality amplifiers are going to have a lower impedance, a wider frequency range and the lower the total harmonic distortion.

What happened to Mordaunt Short?

Mordaunt-Short is a British loudspeaker manufacturer. It is currently a subsidiary of Audio Partnership Plc., having been bought from TGI Plc.

Is Cambridge Audio A5 A5 a good AMP?

Cambridge Audio A5 Budget Amplifier If your starting off and want an amp that will do the job, this is a good buy, if you can pick up a good one for around the £60 mark it makes solid sense. The connections for plugs and speakers are solid for the money. The sound is good enough, for the price.

Does the has A5 have a headphone output?

Has no headphone output, the recording output is too soft. We have been using our A5 for nearly a year now, non-stop, as the always on output and multiplexer for our home entertainment/ home music studio setup based around a Mac, Yamaha keyboard and a Cambridge Audio cd6 cd player.

Do I need a phono preamp with a Cambridge 60W?

If your turntable doesn’t have an in-built phono pre-amp then you’ll need to add one – assuming the second hand Cambridge amp doesn’t have one either. I have a lon profile lp turntable and speakers that came with the hifi 60W. I have also seen a kenwood separate hifi with mordant short ms15 speakers for £45 is that a better option

Is the Yamaha A5 a good AMP?

The realism you get from the A5 makes this an attractive amp at its price point and probably well beyond it. Anyone interested in an audition should take along a copy of Bridge Over Troubled Water. My own experience was to feel that I had rarely heard a more realistic-sounding piano on this recording.